New Character of Free Fire, Miguel: Survive until BOOYAH!

During the weekend we discussed two Free Fire characters who have quite interesting abilities. There is Caroline, a spoiled barbarian girl gets to the bone because her running is so fast if you use a Shotgun. Then the next is Andrew, who is very very resilient in the fight because the vest he uses becomes more resistant.

Next, we will discuss the character of Free Fire which we have actually discussed a little before. This character is famous for having skills that easily match other character skills. Who is he? Yes, it is true! Miguel! What is the background of this character? What is his skill? Come see!

Miguel, the Super Tough Elite Army!

Karakter Free Fire Miguel: Si Penyedot EP, Bertahan Terus Sampai BOOYAH!

If Andrew came from the police division yesterday, the next Free Fire character came from another government defense division. Miguel himself is known as an elite soldier in a special force. Why is he called an elite army? Nothing but not because of his ability in a very terrible battle. A gunman, the tactician, martial arts expert, made himself a complete package in a soldier.

The ability of Miguel managed to make himself a leader in his army. Like Andrew, Miguel also always prioritizes justice in carrying out his duty to become a soldier. Together with his troops, he managed to imprison many high-profile criminals. He doesn't even care how heavy his mission is, as long as he can uphold justice, he will run it.

Thanks to Miguel, who is very good and reliable, it is not surprising that most of the missions he runs are always successful. But 6 months ago there was a mission that failed somehow. But not Miguel if he can't solve the problem, finally the man born on September 7, 1992, also suspects that he has been betrayed by his trusted partner.

Survive Until You Get BOOYAH!

Then, what is Miguel's ability? If you follow the discussion of Free Fire characters from the beginning, you might be able to answer them. Yes, it is true! He can continue to get the EP every time he successfully kills an enemy! Fighting against enemies doesn't make Miguel weaker, but instead makes him stronger, especially if he wins.

On level 1 Miguel gets 20 EPs every time he kills an enemy. When it reaches its maximum level, Miguel's ability makes him able to get 45 EPs every time he kills an enemy who is unaware of you.

Tips for using Miguel, playing aggressively or defensively?

Miguel's skill actually makes you play more flexible. So actually whether you play aggressively or defensively, this character skill will still be useful in the future to be able to get BOOYAH! The issue of choosing weapons is also not a problem. Because you want to kill from a distance or a short distance, you will still get an EP afterward.

Then what about the skill combination? The most stable and flexible combination itself is actually a combination of Miguel-Andrew. This combination of skills will make you very very resilient in combat, maybe even able to advance forward without having to think about HP and armor.

Other combinations that can be exciting may be with Caroline's skill, which allows you to play barbarian with the Shotgun and keep regen after killing because you get an EP. But if with other character skills? It seems like it's still not suitable.