New Fire Free Character, Kelly: Run and Keep Running From the Enemy's Chase!

There are many and varied characters in Free Fire. Each of them has its own specialties that make survival not only a matter of knowing the circle and fighting it. This is indeed what makes Free Fire the difference compared to other battle royale games.

With this variety of Free Fire characters, your playing style to survive and get Booyah will certainly vary depending on the character you use. After yesterday we discussed Misha the seasoned racer, the next character we will discuss is Kelly. Who is Kelly? Can he be on the battlefield? Check out the discussion from the following world names!

Kelly, A National Running Athlete!

Karakter Free Fire Kelly, Lari dan Terus Berlari Dari Kejaran Musuh!

Although many people know and call her Kelly, the real name of this yellow lover is actually Shimada Kiriko. Born April 1, 2001, this 17-year-old girl is known as a talented athlete. Her athletic talent was seen in the field of 100-meter sprints when she entered high school.

Not only is he talented in the running field, but Kelly also really loves the field he mastered. Her love of running has been nurtured since she was in junior high when he first learned of the excitement of running athletic sports. When he was in high school she managed to snatch a number of achievements from running, which he did.

Even his friends said, Kelly was practicing very diligently and often seen on a running track, whether she was running relaxed or was practicing. Reportedly Kelly felt that running could make the soul feel free. Running as if it had been embedded in Kelly's body and mind so that when it had to survive in the battlefield. Running is also the special power of this one!

Kelly, Mastering Escape and Run, Increase Sprint Speed

Kelly, who indeed has been known for running and running skills, so running has become a special strength of this one character. Kelly's special ability is to increase the speed of the Sprint by 6%, when the level of his skill is maximized. At level 1, Kelly will increase the Sprint speed by only 1%.

But please note, the speed increased by Kelly herself only when you are Sprinting. So if you move as usual, then the speed will be normal like when you use other characters. But when you do the Sprint, Kelly the champ runs away immediately and quickly.

Tips for Using Kelly, Aggressive Flanking with Speed

Running is Kelly's mainstay ability, so maximize this ability as much as possible in the game. One of the best ways to use it is if you are playing aggressively. If you play squad with friends, using Kelly will greatly benefit you who like playing flanking.

Why is that? Because the running speed allows you to change positions from one to the other very quickly. On the other hand, Kelly is also very useful to use in a defensive position. He can quickly move to a shelter, also can very quickly escape from the enemy ambush.

For skill combinations, Miguel's skill can be aligned if you play aggressively as explained earlier. Skill Miguel will add an EP if you succeed in killing the enemy. So even though you are injured after a fight, if you win and survive, your HP can still be regainedafterwards.