New Free Fire Character, Caroline: Hit and Don't Stop Using a Shotgun!

After discussing several types of Free Fire characters, now our discussion turns to other characters. Indeed, one of the uniqueness of Free Fire itself is the presence of characters with special specialties. This character can be used in the game and has its own skills and specialties that will make your survival style vary depending on the character you use.


After Antonio, Misha, and Kelly, this time we turn to another character, Caroline! Like other characters, Caroline also has certain skills that will change your playing style in survival. So where did Caroline come from? What can this character be? Come see the discussion of the following world names!

Caroline, Everyone's Idol, Comrade Near Kelly

Karakter Free Fire Caroline: Tabrak Terus Pantang Mundur Pakai Shotgun!

If you see from Caroline's appearance, maybe you can already guess a little about the background of this character. Yes, her family is very rich, she is very loved and spoiled, her life has never experienced difficulties because of the power possessed by his family.

Caroline's family is indeed a very rich story, maybe her father is a mining businessman, while her mother is a very prominent fashion entrepreneur. Because of his wealth, Caroline is always spoiled by the family. He was always surrounded by bodyguards wherever he went.

Because of her wealth and beauty, Caroline has many fans who might be able to meet one stage. Even so, she didn't have many friends, only Kelly was also a school with her who was a close friend. Although rich, Caroline is quite humble and thinks that her father and friend Kelly is the most valuable treasure in her life.

Karakter Free Fire Caroline: Tabrak Terus Pantang Mundur Pakai Shotgun!

Interestingly, despite having a look like a spoiled child, Caroline's skill was actually very barbaric! The skill possessed by this character is: When he holds the Shotgun weapon the speed of running this character will increase by 3%! It was only if Caroline was only level 1, if it was already stuck, Caroline's running speed could increase to 8%!

With this ability, it's clear that Caroline is a friend of the Free Fire barbarians. However, playing weapons Shotguns are always not easy. Shotgun weapons are bad at a distance, while if you want to get close, you have to risk your own life. But with Caroline who incidentally has faster moves with Shotgun, surely your struggle will be easier to approach the enemy!

Tips for Using Free Fire Caroline Characters, YOLO with a Shotgun

Because of the skills he has, the first tips for using the character Free Fire Caroline are clear; use the shotgun weapon. But that does not mean you have to bring two shotgun weapons, you can still carry assault rifles such as AK or M416, but the shotgun remains another mandatory default.

If you use this character, you don't need to be too afraid of going forward because of the skills he has. In addition, to make Caroline stronger, you can combine it with several skills. Miguel, for example, helps you get EP every time you kill an enemy so that the HP continues to regen.

You can also combine Kelly, so that your sprint gets even faster! Or another interesting combination is Antonio's skill, so that your HP is more and you can get more bars in the early game!