[REVIEW] LOOP Jumper: Play it Free, the Gameplay is Simple with Many Gifts

There is a new game from LOOP named LOOP Jumper which is really happening in young people because of the flood of prizes. The game that is simple and doesn't take much time is perfect for those of you who don't have much time to play games. But is the gameplay memorable too simple? What about the graphics? Let's review the review from WorldGames to LOOP Jumper!

Simple gameplay but not boring

[REVIEW] LOOP Jumper: Mainnya Gratis, Gameplaynya Sederhana, Hadiahnya Segudang!

In gameplay and graphics, LOOP Jumper is a game that looks very simple. Your goal in this game is only one, survive as long as possible by jumping at the right time. Looks easy? Maybe, for some people. But over time, it will be increasingly difficult to find the right time to jump.

Why is it getting harder? Because you stand on a stack of gift boxes that can collapse if you stay too long! The more time goes by, the faster these boxes will collapse so you have limited time to jump. Besides that, you also can't just jump because if you jump too fast then you will not reach your destination and if it is too slow then you will fall from the stack of boxes.

"So this game includes difficult or easy?" LOOP Jumper is included in the game category that is easy to learn but difficult to master because it requires the sharpness of perception to determine the right time to jump especially in the game phase that has been going on for a long time. But if you are proficient, then there will be a gift waiting for you!

Play Free Games, Many Gifts!

[REVIEW] LOOP Jumper: Mainnya Gratis, Gameplaynya Sederhana, Hadiahnya Segudang!

Right! If you often play this game and are already proficient, then you can get a prize based on your biggest score every day! These prizes are not drawn, but purely from your score, if you get the biggest score every day you will get prizes every day!

1. Grand Prize

Rank 1: Samsung Galaxy S8

2-3 rating: Samsung Galaxy A8

Ranking 4-6: Huami Amazfit Stratos Smartwatch

Rank 7-21: Indomaret IDR 50,000 voucher

2. Weekly Prizes

Rank 1: Samsung Galaxy A8

Rank 2: Huami Amazfit Stratos Smartwatch

Ranking 3-7: 2 Watch Vouchers at CGV

Rated 8-19: Credit Rp. 25,000

3. Daily Prizes

Ranking 1-5: Watch Vouchers at CGV

Rating 6-15: Credit Rp.20,000

So not only can you get prizes every day, if you are among the 19 best players each week, you can also get other attractive prizes including one Samsung Galaxy A8! Not only that, if you manage to be the best for one period, then you can get a Samsung Galaxy S8 without being drawn! So show me your abilities.

Terms and Conditions for Playing LOOP Jumpers

But unfortunately, only a select few people can play LOOP Jumper. These people are just LOOP card users. But if you look at the prizes offered, it looks like it's very worth trying for you! In addition, this game can only be played during December 21, 2018 until January 31, 2019 so don't miss it!