[THEORY] One Piece Legendary Treasure May Contain One of These 5 Things

You might often think and figure out what the form of One Piece might look like, a treasure sought by almost all pirates. This time I want to estimate what One Piece will look like when it is discovered by Luffy and friends.

Roger Pirates.jpg

5. Testament of Gol D. Roger

The Age of the Pirates was something that was started by the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. When almost executed in the city of Logue, Roger mentioned that all of his property including One Piece he left on the island of Raftel.

It is possible that One Piece is not a treasure trove of gold or anything else but a piece of paper that Roger left behind. Maybe it was a will from Roger that read "Whoever finds One Piece must sacrifice his life to start the new Pirate era".

4. Normal assets

What if One Piece only contained normal assets unexpectedly by pirates? What if One Piece only contains money and gold? If true, this is the biggest plot twist in One Piece. Imagine how the reaction of those who thought that the One Piece containing the secrets of the world turned out to only contain an ordinary treasure like money?

3. History

It could be that this is the biggest possibility of the One Piece form when found later. It feels like there is no greater mystery than history in One Piece. Like the Void Century or the Age of Emptiness, hundreds of years that have been removed from history.

The only source to be able to find out information about the Emptiness Ages is Poneglyphs and reading it is a crime that ends in the death sentence. So, it's possible that One Piece is the last piece of the lost poneglyph to complete information about the Emptiness Ages.

2. Legendary weapons

You might know about legendary weapons that have been mentioned several times in the story. It has been told that there are three legendary weapons, but only two are known, namely Pluton and Poseidon.

The World Government always tries to get these weapons in any way and they themselves don't seem to find them yet. It's possible that One Piece contains one of these legendary weapons. This is quite reasonable because legendary weapons are also one of the biggest mysteries in One Piece besides the Emptiness Century.

1. Enlightenment

In addition to the will, it is possible that Roger left something else like a message that contained enlightenment about pirates. Roger wants pirates to find One Piece to know that freedom is the most important thing. He wanted the pirates to realize they were not pirates if they did not have freedom.

If it's true, this will make Luffy and his friends realize that the most important thing to get from their journey so far is freedom. This is because Roger also had time to say about freedom before he was executed.

Those were various possibilities that could occur from the One Piece form after being discovered later. Again you need to remember that this is only opinion. The one who knows the contents is actually the comic artist himself, Eiichiro Oda.