Tips to Choose What Hair Color Looks Best on Me

Hair coloring is one of the various ways to change the old look that is considered to be boring. You can do this by asking for help from professionals at the salon or using hair paint products. But sometimes disaster occurs and the results obtained are far from expectations. Don't panic, there are several ways we can do it to know what color of hair looks best on you and me.

What Color of Hair Looks Best on Me Based on Appearances

Hair is everyone's natural crown. With beautiful, well-maintained and charming hair, not infrequently this will add to a person's confidence. Enchanting hair color will also make a person more confident and affect his overall appearance.

Soft hair color and according to your personal character will also make you more awesome in the eyes of others. Launching from the Allwomanstalk page, charming and beautiful hair will have a big influence on other beauty in the body. However, when choosing a hair color do not come from the origin. There are a few tips for choosing hair color according to body shape.

Skin color

The first thing to consider before choosing the right hair color is the basic skin tone you have. For example, if you have skin with cool tones, pink and olive colors can be the right choice. While for those of you who have warm skin tones can use yellow or gold hair color.


Watch your wrist in detail until you see blood vessels. Do you have blood vessels that look greenish or blue tend to be purple? From this you can determine, you are included in the type of skin cool tone or warm tone.


The eye also plays an important role when choosing hair color. If you have warm toned skin but your eyes are blue, it means you better choose cool tone colors so that the appearance looks more perfect, and vice versa.

What Hair Color Would Look Best on Me Based on Various Aspects

1. Mistakes in Using Hair Paint Products

How long do you spend in front of boxes of hair paint with various hair colors? Choosing hair color requires precision because the images listed on the packaging and samples of hair can give different results. To avoid this, before deciding to buy it, read the full name of the hair color. For example, if you say ash blonde while you want blonde hair, of course, this product is not suitable for you.

2. Ask for Expert Help

I want to have a hairstyle with a blend of blonde hair and natural hair color so that the hair looks shiny like it is in the sun. But it turns out the results are even hair that looks stripped and excessive. For highlighting hair color techniques, it's better to ask for help from an experienced colorist to put a hair color that can frame your face beautifully.

3. Don't Choose a Hair Color Too Distorted

Although you want to look different and unique, it does not mean you have to choose a hair color that is very different compared to natural hair color. However, real hair color is the color that best suits the color of the skin, eyes, and other facial parts.

But you can beautify the appearance of hair color by adhering to the rules of choosing a hair color that does not exceed 2 colors lighter or darker than natural hair color. For example, if you have brown hair, use the color of caramel hair or brownish red, which gives a natural shine.

4. Treat Damaged Hair Before Coloring

As women who follow the trend, of course, they don't want to be left behind in applying the latest hair color trends. Unfortunately, the condition of unhealthy hair makes the hair coloring look dull and not radiant.

So before deciding to change hair color, it's better to take care of your hair to be healthy and free from problems, such as dry hair, hair loss, or split ends. Don't forget to regularly wash and use a hair mask to get beautiful and healthy hair.

5. Dark Hair Coloring Tricks

If bright colored hair is natural, the use of ombre colors can instantly change appearance. But on the contrary, the use of the ombre color trend on dark brown or black hair can actually give rise to shades of orange. To get the best ombre color, bleaching is needed which is a complex and difficult process. So leave this task to the hand of the colorist, to get the desired ombre hair color combination.

6. Perform a Color Test Before Starting

Ever dyed hair at home and hated the results? This can be avoided if you want to spend a little time and effort to do a hair color test. Simply apply a little hair dye on the hidden part of the hair, to see how the hair color is produced.

7. When the Hair Color is Too Dark

Using hair dyes that are too dark can cover the beauty of natural hair. Instead, it looks more fresh and youthful, but it actually looks dull and older than its actual age. To prevent this from happening, do not leave the hair dye too long in the hair because it can leave a darker color.

8. Use of Other Hair Products

After having the dream hair color, the choice to arrange the latest hairstyle is in your hands. Starting from curling, straightening, or making a bun. Without realizing it, the use of hair products such as alcoholic hairspray can make hair dry and fade the color drastically.

Avoid reading the ingredients listed in the packaging of hair products. Choose special products for colored hair to keep your hair color more durable and healthy. Hopefully, this info can help overcome the disaster in matters of hair coloring.

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