What is a Lash Lift and Tint?

There are several known eyelash treatments. One of the most desirable is the lash extension technique. Eyelashes are favored because they can make the eyelash effect thicker and tighter, just like false eyelashes. It's just that this technique can make eyelashes look more natural than using fake eyelashes.

The technique is called "lash lifting" or removal of the lashes. Yes, lashes are lifted with a special technique and then laminated with a special liquid to produce lashes that are raised, pliable and seem thicker. The process also doesn't seem too difficult. At first glance similar to the process of installing false eyelashes.

First, the eyelash area must be cleaned from the makeup product and the dirt that is attached. After that, the layer in the form of stickers will be attached to the petals and under the eyes. This is done so that the lashes appear more clearly during the process.

After that, the lashes will be combed to make it tidier and make it easier to work. Eyelashes are then coated with a liquid containing keratin. Therefore, this type of technique is also well-known as "keratin lash lift".

Cosmopolitan said the liquid used in the technique had also been declared not as perming. The liquid used is stated not to contain parabens and formaldehyde (which is usually sold in the form of formaldehyde). So it is safe to be used on the eye area.

The lashes are then coated with the keratin liquid and left to dry. This liquid will make the eyelashes lift up and look more pliable. Eyelash work takes around one to two hours. The length of work can depend on how thick your eyelashes are.

Lifted lashes will make the eyes look wider and rounder. After the work is done, you are not allowed to wet lashes for the next 48 hours.

The results of the lash lift technique are said to be healthier than connecting lashes. The reason, the results of the elevator lash can last up to 8 to 12 weeks. In contrast to connecting lashes that often make the original eyelashes fall out due to being attached by the lash joint.

In the United States, if you want to have these beautiful lashes you have to prepare a wallet for a budget of USD150. Whereas in Indonesia there are still unknown places that provide such technical services. According to Allure, the lash lift eyelashes can still be mascara if you want and won't damage the keratin layer.

Unfortunately, this one beauty treatment is only suitable for those of you who have thick eyelashes. Whereas the eyelashes are too thin, of course, the difference will not be too obvious if it is only flexed with this process.

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What is a Lash Lift and Tint?

Lash Lift plus Tint is a special treatment for eyelashes to make it look more supple and black. Why do I use the plus word? Because there are also many therapists/beauticians who separate Lash Lift and Tint treatment so the price offered is different.

How do You Install the Lash Lift?

Lash lifts can only be done by experts who have been trained in clinics or beauty centers. The way the lash lift works are carried out with keratin which is applied to the upper lashes. Initially, all the makeup on the face will be cleaned, especially the eyes, so that the makeup ingredients do not go inside and clump on your original lashes.

Next, the thick silicone adhesive will be placed on the eyelid. Then, the eyelashes will be combed slowly to separate and not clot.

In addition, the process of combing the lashes also aims to lift the lashes to the top of the eye that has been given silicone adhesive. After that, then the lashes smeared with special cream containing ingredients, one of which is keratin.

Also not spared, eyelashes smeared with special mascara to make it look black, thick and volume. Just like the eyelash extension, there are several options for the type of flap you can choose. Usually, there are those with small, medium, large, or super large sizes.

The process of pasting and silencing the lashes will run for 30 to 40 minutes in each one eye. During this process, the eyes must be tightly closed. It also aims to avoid entering pelentic creams and irritating the eyes.

After being left on and pressed, the lashes will be applied to the cream to release it from silicon. The end result of a lash lift can make your lashes look more flexible and volume. Lash lifts can last around 6-8 weeks.

What Are the Dangers?

Dr. Jacqueline R. Carrasco, an oculoplastic surgeon at Wills Eye Hospital in the United States (US) said that because you use chemicals for the eye lift lash process, there is a possibility of the risk of allergies. This is because basically everyone's skin will react differently.

You are also susceptible to the development of the risk of dermatitis (a skin condition that causes redness, swelling, and even abrasions) and inflammation, especially if keratin enters the eye or in the surrounding skin.

There are also no experts analyzing and determining whether this sticky cream is 100 percent safe or not. This was explained by Michael J. Earley, Ph.D., a doctor of optometry at The Ohio State University College of Optometry.

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Difference Between Eyelash Extension and Lifting Lash

Unlike the eyelash extensions that use synthetic eyelashes to attach, lash lifting only uses original eyelashes that are smeared with keratin content in the process. First, the lashes will be cleaned first and on the eyelids will be attached to a kind of bubbling silicon pads.

Then, the eyelashes will be combed up to stick to the silicon pads. After that, start your upper lashes smeared with a special lotion made from keratin based evenly to make the lashes look more supple and long.

If you want more black lashes, there is an eyelash tinting process, which is where after applying keratin, your eyelashes will be smeared with an additional liquid that makes your eyelashes look more pigmented. After that, the eyelashes will be left on for 40 minutes to 2 hours before the silicon pads are removed.

After the silicon pads are removed, you can say welcome to the long, pliant natural lashes that you have craved. Unfortunately, this lash lifting technique will be more visible to you who have long and thick eyelashes. If you have thin and short lashes, the results may be less visible.

Lash lifting lashes last around 8 to 12 weeks, more durable than if you use an eyelash extension. Maintenance, after you do lash lifting, is also easier, and you can still use mascara for your lashes.

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