10 Esport Organizations with the Biggest Income

2018 is a year that is quite successful for esport with the increasing insight into the general public and the entry of large companies to invest in this field. The effect of the entry of large companies is, of course, the increase in prizes offered from tournaments and the income of the players. These are the 10 biggest earnings organizations in 2018 according to esportsobserver.com!

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10. Vici Gaming - US $ 3,030,000

Vici Gaming is ranked 10th because of the large influence of their Dota 2 team in The International 8. Just imagine, they have three teams competing in this tournament namely Vici Gaming, Vici Gaming J Thunder, and Vici Gaming J Storm! Even so, the three did not perform well so they were only able to bring this team to rank 10.

9. Fnatic - US $ 3,270,000 

Fnatic's biggest income is not from Dota 2, but from the League of Legends and Counter Strike games that fill three-quarters of their income! The rest of their income comes from other titles such as FIFA and Fortnite which do not have a very large prize pool.

8. Cloud9 - US $ 3,280,000 

The biggest contributor to Cloud9's income is from their Overwatch League team, London Spitfire! A total of 1,000,000 USD was obtained by this team from Overwatch's biggest competition. The rest comes from Fnatic wins at CS: GO ELEAGUE Boston Major (US $ 500,000) and Rocket League Championship Series World Championship (US $ 200,000) and minor tournament wins.

7. Astralis - US $ 3,650,000 

In the CS: GO competition, you can equal success with Astralis! The Danish team is known as an Intel Grand Slam winner for winning too many prestigious tournaments in 2018 and adding to the coffers of their wealth of US $ 1,000,000! There are no more dominant teams in 2018 than Astralis on this list!

6. Virtus Pro - US $ 3,960,000 

Virtus Pro Dota 2. A total of US $ 3,420,000 of the team's total revenue came from Valve's MOBA game. Unfortunately, this polar bear team is unable to perform well at The International 8 so it only puts themselves in 6th place on this list. What's more, their CS: GO team is also underachieving compared to 2017.

5. FaZe Clan - US $ 4,080,000 

FaZe Clan is the only multidivision organization on this list that does not have a single MOBA division. The organization's biggest income comes from the Epic game that exploded this year, Fortnite. US $ 2,360,000 was won by FaZe from the game!

4. Evil Geniuses - US $ 4,170,000 

Dota 2 again showed their fangs as the title of esport with the largest prize pool in the world. Evil Geniuses recorded US $ 3,240,000 in their income books due to reaching third place in The International 8. In addition to the tournament, Evil Geniuses also won the Call of Duty World League Championship and won US $ 600,000.

3. PSG.LGD - US $ 5,350,000 

The second rank of The International 8 must thank the tournament for their fantastic income this year. In addition, by winning two Major Dota 2 (EPICENTER XL and MDL Changsha), PSG. LGD won third place with 99 percent of income coming from this game.

2. Team Liquid - US $ 7,200,000 

Perhaps the overall title of the most successful esport organization this year must be given to Team Liquid. The six divisions of this organization managed to get success in 2018 with division Dota 2 which contributed the largest income (3,230,000 USD). The rest was won from the title Fortnite (US $ 1,310,000), CS: GO (US $ 1,030,000), PUBG (US $ 519,000), LOL (US $ 419,000), and Quake Championship (US $ 197,000).

1. OG - US $ 11,470,000

The easy formula for guessing which organization gets the biggest income in the year is to see who wins The International. OG is the winner of the tournament this year and takes home US $ 11,230,000 with the rest coming from other tournaments!