3 Rarest Heroes and Their Star Power in Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is currently ranked third in the top with the best-selling game on the Google Play Store. Game 3 vs. 3 This is arguably really cool for playing because of the graphics and the sparkling animation. Yesterday we just peeled the common heroes in Brawl Stars. It turns out that there are 6 types of heroes that are really well known. Now let's peel the rare heroes in the Brawl Stars from the power to the ultimatum.

1. El Primo

El Primo, Hero Rare Brawl Stars

El Primo is a hero who rarely has a thick cell phone that can be said to be a tanker Brawl Stars because he has to fight without weapons. The strength of El Primo with a strong punch can protect his friends who use weapons. The time to reload the El Primo skill is 0.8 seconds.

El Primo's damage can reach 500 in one hit and Doi's ultimatum will be a comet which throws itself at the opponent. Really sick right? El Primo can be obtained from pink treasures by collecting stars or buying them using a gem.

2. Barley

Barley, Hero Rare di Brawl Stars

Barley is a rare hero who has a molotov cocktail that is really good for boosting it to enemies along with high damage. Unfortunately, Barley doesn't have another cellphone, so it must be protected so he can throw the bottle.

Playing with Barley must be an extra strategy because of the rather long regeneration compared to the others. Barley's ultimatum will give a pretty big fire and the enemy will burn. Barley can be obtained from a pink treasure by collecting stars or buying them using a gem.

3. Poco

Poco, Hero Rare Brawl Stars

If you see it, it must be similar to Coco film with its Latin customs. Poco Skil gives waves from his guitar with a distance of 10.33. This ultimatum helps to heal and still give the wave but this time it can penetrate the wall.

The time to reload the Poco skill is fairly long, for 1.6 seconds, but with skills that can heal, it can certainly protect itself. Poco can be obtained from pink treasures by collecting stars or buying them using a gem. (*)