3 Tips to Counter Quillen AOV, Effective Ways to Help You Overcome The Assassin

Quillen is an assassin who is currently at the forefront of being used by Arena of Valor players in Indonesia. High mobility and damage output made him a Challenger idol. Quiller's count is not easy because the cooldown skill is fairly short, especially its ultimate, Assassinate, which can make it invisible while restoring its HP for 3 seconds.


Not to mention he can also provide a critical rate of 100 percent when attacking opponents from behind. A number of reasons is why Quillen is one of the most violent assassins at the moment and a tire subscription for players who have reached Diamond or Conqueror ranks. On this occasion, the author will discuss three effective ways for those of you who might be annoyed or resentful to this one hero.

1. Play Using Elsu or Lindis

Lindis or Elsu are two hero archers who have Vision on their skills. Lindis is able to provide Vision through her Skill 1 called Piercing Gaze which is very useful to see the movements of Quillen when she is disappearing. Lindis also has Skill 2 called Entrapment to provide Vision if there are Quillens who step on it accidentally.

While Elsu also has Vision through his Skill 1 called Sentinel. Unlike Lindis' Entrapment, Elsu's Sentinel was able to see the surroundings directly. So if there is Quillen in the area, he will be immediately visible.

2. Buy a Ring of the Fiend

If your team does not have a Lindis or Elsu, you can ask a support person to buy Ring of the Fiend. Why? Of course, this is very useful to become a Vision when there are steps Quillen is disappearing so that it can be seen. Although this will reduce the level of protection of a support person because he does not use Essence of the Wind, it is very effective in capturing Quillen who is trying to ambush.

3. Buy Rhea's Blessing, Hercule's Madness, Death Sickle, or Blade of Eternity

The advantages of Quillen besides having high critical damage, he also has the ability to make all his skills reset if he is able to kill his opponent. This clearly allows Quillen to easily kill opponents one by one without fear of losing his skills. Therefore, making defensive items is recommended.

For those of you who play using archers, you can buy Blade of Eternity so that Quillen does not get a reset cooldown for her skills if you die later. You can also buy Death Sickle or Hercule's Madness if the passive of Blade of Eternity has run out, because it can only be used twice in one match.

But if you play as a mage, you can buy Rhea's Blessing to get a shield in a large enough amount to reduce Quillen's very large damage output if it has entered the mid-game.