4 Advantages of AOV Gacha System

For those of you who play mobile games including the Arena of Valor, you are certainly familiar with the term gacha. Yes, Gacha is already a daily food for mobile gamers, especially every release of the latest skin hero. Usually, the AOV gacha skin has a stunning effect, such as Doom's Bane Lindis or Hope's Bane Omen.


With effects and appearance that is very luxurious and attracts attention, certainly many players who want to immediately have the skin. But because it can only be obtained through Gacha, there are not a few players who discourage them from buying vouchers because they are only considered to be spending money. Garena as the publisher actually according to the author is kind enough to present a skin with cool effects in the form of gacha. 

4. Play Games in the Game

One of the reasons why Gacha is the best way is because we need to play the game first before getting what we want. Of course, this is very fun, especially if you become a lucky person by getting the main prize without having to bother.

3. Get More Gifts

Do you realize that all this time playing Gacha can you get more items? Yes, before heading to the grand prize, you will also receive lots of prizes. For example is Rename Card or crystal which of course helps you to play Roulette on the Shop.

2. Luck Test

By playing Gacha, you can get the skin outside the normal price. How come? Yes, you can check that the total or limit of the voucher issued to get the skin is the normal price of the skin you want to buy. So suppose you get a skin outside the limit price, it will be very profitable.

1. Make AOV More Attractive and Life

The presence of Gacha certainly makes AOV more attractive, because you can get the desired skin by playing Gacha first and hoping to get beyond the price it should. If that hope is fulfilled, of course, there will be special satisfaction that you can get.

In conclusion, with Garena presenting an event in the form of a Gacha, then you can get the skin cheaper than the normal price. Then you also get more interesting items which will certainly be a very loss if you miss. Especially if the price of the skin is very expensive.