4 Best Hunter Weapons in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

In addition to status, skills and other supporting equipment, weapons become one of the vital things that must be considered in playing Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love. If you have become a Hunter now, then save your NPC weapons and see the selection of the best Hunter Ragnarok M Eternal Love weapons for now.

Best Hunter Weapon in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

The weapon included in this list is the choice of weapons that must be owned by a Hunter at least until there is the latest weapon after the Glash Heim patch. Oh yeah, weapons from Gacha are also excluded from this list.

1. Gakkung

Gakkung Bow, Senjata Terbaik Hunter Ragnarok M Eternal Love

Gakkung is one of Hunter's best weapons in Ragnarok M Eternal Love. The initial damage is 87 ATK points and an additional 10% bonus critical damage makes this weapon very sick! Not to mention the additional Luk status of 3 points to perfect Huntermu's critical attacks. This weapon will be even cooler when you craft to the final stage which is renamed Malang Snow Crab. If you are a critical art lover, you are really good at using this weapon!

2. Cross Bow

Cross Bow, Senjata Terbaik Hunter Ragnarok M Eternal Love

Now the next best Hunter weapon is Cross Bow. Wow, this weapon is pretty mainstream! Understand the crafting place in a densely populated city, Prontera. Besides the material needed is also quite easy. Actually, Cross Bow is a mandatory weapon for beginner Hunter.

This weapon has an initial attack status of +57 points, an additional attack of 10 points and an additional dex of 2 points will make your Hunters even shakier. Even more painful when your total dex Hunter reaches 95 points, then there will be an additional 10% attack. Wow, this is ready to shake other players.

Actually, when becoming a Cross Bow, damage is not as painful as all three other Hunter weapons, the potential of its flagship will come out when being drafted to the final stage of becoming a Mystery Bow. But right now, this is the best compared to NPC weapons or free weapons from Growth Pack. Because other weapons are quite difficult to print, so while you are Hunter you can try using Cross Bow first.

3. Double Bound

Double Bound, Senjata Terbaik Hunter Ragnarok M Eternal Love

Hunter's best weapon in the next Ragnarok M Eternal Love is Double Bound. This weapon will give you initial damage of 100 points attack and an additional amount of 2 points. What makes a scene is this powerful weapon can issue a level 5 double strafe auto! Wow, so it saves SP Dish (Food) Regeneration and Blue Potion if this is the story.

In addition, if your Hunter has mastered the 'Beastmastery' skill to level 10, then the damage skill will increase by 20%! Later this weapon will be even better if you craft to the final stage to be Cursed Lyre. If build Hunter, you prioritize damage from Hunter a.k.a 'Falcon', so Double Bound is the weapon that suits you.

4. Falken Blitz

Falken Blitz, Senjata Terbaik Hunter Ragnarok M Eternal Love

Falken Blitz became Hunter's best weapon candidate in Ragnarok M Eternal Love next. Eits remember the last list does not mean the weakest. This arrow will give an initial attack status of 115 points and dex increase by 3 points. In addition to the 'Arrow Repel' and Heavy Arrow skills, there will be a reduction in SP usage by 40%, again saving SP ~

So that your Hunter weapon gets faster, upgrading this Falken Blitz to the final stage and later the name will change to Scarlet Bolt!