4 Fastest Zeny Farming Job in Ragnarok Eternal Love

Ragnarok Eternal Love is an MMORPG that frees us to adventure and play in any style. Now considering that money is always needed both in the real world and in the gaming world, this time the author will discuss the four optimal Job Farming Zeny that are guaranteed to make you quick. Here's the list:

Empat Job Farming Zeny Tercepat di Ragnarok Eternal Love, Dijamin Auto Kaya

4. Whitesmith

Needless to say, Whitesmith is one of the Job Farming Zeny Ragnarok Eternal Love, the easiest to get rich. There are two skills that make him richer in farming, namely Fund Raising and Greed. Both of these skills allow Whitesmith to get more Zeny and material than other players.

In addition, Whitesmith also has two skill areas that allow it to kill several monsters at once in one attack. Unfortunately (for the enemy), Whitesmith also has a buff that makes him stronger in terms of physical attacks.

3. Stalker

Stalker is also a suitable job to be a farmer. He has two special skills to find Zeny and increase material income, namely, Snatch and Extra Loot. Uniquely Stalker can use arrows so it can kill enemies easily from a distance. He is very suitable for hunting wild enemies that are located a little apart. If properly developed, Stalker can kill almost all enemies in one strike. The ability of Triangle Shot to make himself superior in one shot than even Hunter and Sniper.

2. High Wizard

If you like magic users, the High Wizard is one of the Zeny Job farming that you might like. Having the ability to control elements, there are two abilities that are most often used to search for Zeny, namely Lord of Vermilion and Meteor Storm. They are able to kill many monsters at once!

Unfortunately, High Wizard is a Job that needs high capital to be able to become strong. Not only does it require a high Gold Medal, it must also be supported with strong equipment to reduce cast time and other attack requirements.

1. Lord Knight

This one job is far more difficult to be ready to be used as a farmer. Why? It's simple, this is because they have a lot of expensive equipment that must be equipped first so that you are ready to use. Well, a reliable Lord Knight is those who use Nagan in hunting monsters. Nagan will increase a large number of Bash and Bowling Bash attacks.

Bash is able to kill monsters in one attack if supported by a good Gold Medal. Whereas Bowling Bash is useful when Lord Knight experiences Job Breakthrough. It is a Job that can be used to hunt all types of monsters. That's the fourth list of the best Job farming Zeny you can choose to play Ragnarok Eternal Love.