4 Tricks to Make New Year Makeup More Durable

The New Year's party is generally lively and full of excitement. Of course, we want to look stunning, especially the women. Starting from the tip of the hair to the tip of the foot must look perfect. However, new year celebration activities that take up to hours make makeup-less durable so your appearance becomes less than perfect. Editorial Makeup artist Nick Lujan on popsugar.com page shares tips for choosing the right cosmetics so that makeup can last perfectly for a long time. 

1. Using water-based products 

Lujan says, for a long-lasting makeup look, choose water-based products or water-based skin preparation. This product will make powder and foundation not easily wear off because of the oil on the face. Don't forget to choose a product that suits your skin type. 

2. Using liquid lipstick 

Liquid or liquid lipstick has higher durability. Lujan said the trick to making it waterproof is to apply it smoothly, with a soft layer by waiting between the dry layers first. "This trick ensures the best application of lipstick and you don't need to worry about being peeled or textured," said Lujan.

3. Use products with high durability 

Choose products with high durability that have a matte finish or makeup labeled "24 hours". Primary use before wearing cosmetics is also not negotiable. The goal is to make the skin surface smoother and also correct the uneven skin tone. There are several techniques that are often used by beauty vlogger to make powder look durable and flat, one of which is baking. You can watch the tutorial on Youtube. 

4. Using spray 

Currently, there are many circulating spray settings that allow us to maintain a longer-lasting makeup look. Use the spray setting as a finishing touch and spray it on the entire face with makeup. "Spray from a distance that is not too close then gently massage the face using clean palms,"

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