5 Amazing Gifts in Free Season Pass Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends continues to present various features to provide a more diverse playing sensation. In addition to presenting ranked season, Mobile Legends also now provides the latest features with many attractive prizes, namely the Season Pass. This one feature can be said to be the same as the game now that will provide various prizes depending on the level pass. In addition, there are many benefits that can be enjoyed if you upgrade the Season Pass. At least, there are 5 things you can get if you buy a Season Pass upgrade. 

Gak Rugi! Inilah 5 Keuntungan yang Bisa Kamu Dapatkan Dari Season Pass Mobile Legends!

1. Lots of Amazing In-game Cosmetics

If you upgrade your Season Pass, then you have the chance to get lots of cool in-game cosmetics and very good! Although nature is only in the form of a trial, the cosmetics will make you better in the game, especially the recall effects that you can get as the season level increases.

2. Can Get Many Free Skins

If you want to get lots of free skins, then immediately upgrade your Season Pass! By increasing the level of the Season Pass continuously, you will get various types of skin trials, elite skin trials, and permanent skins! If you reach the final level of the Season Pass, then you will get a total of 3 regular skins and 1 elite skin which is definitely cool! Not only that, you will also get a Lucky Ticket that can be used on Lucky Spin. That is, you have an additional chance to get another skin again! Yes, you don't want to get that much skin at a cheap price?

3. Have the chance to get Skin Legend!

Not only elite skins or normal skins, you also have the opportunity to get a skin Legend! At a certain level, you will get a Magic Wheel Potion S that can be used on the Magic Wheel. If you reach the last level, then you have 6 times the chance to get the Legend skin. Who knows, would you be lucky with Magic Wheel Potion from this Season Pass and get the Legend skin at a low price?

4. Get Ticket in Large Amounts!

In addition to getting in-game skins and cosmetics, you will also be given a lot of tickets! You can use this ticket for various things that are more useful, such as buying a hero, doing Lucky Spin, buying an emblem, and so on. You can also increase your Season Pass level with this ticket! If you reach the maximum level, at least you will get a total of 1620 tickets! That is, you have 16 chances to do x5 Lucky Spin or buy 32 Lucky Emblem Packs! Really cool right?

5. Get More Battle Points!

Not only that, but this Season Pass can also be a mine of battle points for those of you who are in need of battle points! If you already have various skins, the trial skins that you already have will provide a number of battle points. In addition, the Lucky Spin that you do from the Season Pass ticket can give you a very large number of battle points! When will it not be necessary to play often, can I get many battle points?

That's the advantage you can get from upgrading the Season Pass Mobile Legends. Wait or not, guys? Upgrade your Season Pass immediately and get a lot of advantages in it!