5 Best Hero Tanks in Mobile Legends Ranked Season 11 by Jess No Limit!

Entering this season 11 ranked, Mobile Legends experienced quite a number of changes such as Lord, Turtle, to buffs and nerf heroes. This certainly makes a meta change in this season. Therefore, a well-known YouTuber, Jess No Limit, also provides information about the best Mobile Legends hero tanks in season 11 ranked. Who do you think, guys?

tank terbaik ranked season 11.jpg

5. Belerick

In this season 11, the hero of the form of a tree monster is indeed on the rise, especially to face the hero marksman. His passive skill gets a buff which allows him to restore greater damage to the surrounding heroes. Not to mention his ability to survive and save his teammates using the ultimate is very useful in teamfight.

Not only that, Belerick's basic attack can also effect bind to enemies after using both of their skills making Belerick very useful for making one enemy who wants to run away helpless.

4. Lolita

Lolita's abilities as a true tank need not be doubted thanks to Courage Bulwark which is able to fend off basic attacks and all types of projectiles and reverse the damage that is being held.

Not to mention he has high damage from all his skills at maximum potential, which makes the enemy unable to carelessly approach him. He is also one of the heroes who have the longest stun duration in a large area.

3. Minotaur

Since getting reworks, the potential of the Minotaur lately is increasing, guys! He can jump, slow down, heal teammates, and give knock-up effects to very large areas, you know! Especially if you have provided cooldown reduction items such as Dominance Ice or Oracle, Minotaur can spam skills other than ultimate continuously without having to fear long cooldown skills.

Unfortunately, the Minotaur is quite difficult to use because you have to be able to set the rage before using ultimate in rage mode.

2. Akai

According to Jess No Limit, buffs and nerf on various heroes make Akai's potential start to increase again. As a hero tank, Akai is equipped with excellent damage and control effects. The skill area is also quite large and makes it quite flexible in the game.

Not to mention Hurricane Dance is very useful to lock the enemy by pushing it to the turret, a flock of one team, or to the wall to make him not move at all. Unfortunately, casting his range of skills has now become very short and makes Akai more difficult to approach the enemy.

1. Grock

Until now, Grock can still be categorized as the best Mobile Legends tank for season 11. Besides being hard, Grock is also equipped with high damage and a very annoying wall. He is also one of the heroes who rely heavily on the wall to show their maximum potential in the game because all of their skills are related to that.

First, it can be immune to control effects when charging the Power of Nature skill. Second, it will produce super-large damage to nearby enemies when using Wild Charge and crashing into a wall. Finally, Grock will get additional defense and movement speed when near the wall, making it very terrible when moving closer.

That was the best five Mobile Legends hero tanks ranked 11 according to Jess No Limit.