5 Best Mobile Legends YouTube Channels That Can Make You Become a Pro Player

You definitely want to be more good at playing Mobile Legends, especially if you see a variety of recent competitions that offer tempting prizes. In order to make it easier for you to learn about the mechanisms in the game, watching YouTube can be a reference. Well, the author will share references to the YouTube Mobile Legends channel that can make you smarter to play this popular mobile MOBA.


Curious about who is your virtual teacher? Come see the full discussion below.

1. Shinmen Takezo YT

This overseas YouTuber who has a Japanese name has no doubt about his knowledge about Mobile Legends. On this channel, he not only shares his video when playing just like most other YouTubers; Shimen Takezo also discussed various knowledge, especially about the guide hero, build, up to in-depth analysis of a new hero who was present! If you want to know more about the new hero, Shinzo Takezo can be an option.

2. Hororo Chan

This mysterious YouTuber whose face is unknown is also a very good choice for those of you who want to learn more about this one Moonton game.

Hororo Chan usually distributes a short video analysis of a hero, experiments about heroes and items, the latest information, to search for bugs! Hororo Chan also entered as a YouTuber on the recommendation of Mobile Legends through his Warrior's Lab video.

3. Eevyx

Unlike the two YouTubers above, Eevyx shares videos more about top Mobile Legends players and their best heroes. Although it seems simple, you can watch the heroes played by the top players and follow the tempo of the game.

4. NoLogic Gamer

On each update of Mobile Legends hero, both official and advanced servers, NoLogic Gamer Suke shares various information to its subscribers. Through the video, he often shares various guides about newly released heroes.

Not just a way to play, it also discusses skill information, recommendations for battle spells, builds, and combos! Plus a variety of discussion about the latest features often peeled.

5. Elgin

Speaking of tips and tricks on Mobile Legends, Elgin can be one of your sources of referrals to play better, you know! This channel often shares various information about new heroes, test items, and up to the latest updates.

In addition, Elgin also often uploads Mobile Legends animations with images that are quite funny. Besides learning, you can also be entertained through this one channel.

That was the five YouTube Mobile Legends channels that could make you smarter. If you want to follow them and learn more deeply, you can click on each of their pictures. Who knows, you will be good at it very quickly - to the point that you become a pro player someday.