5 Facts about Guinevere in Mobile Legends, Lancelot's Sister

Besides Faramis, Mobile Legends has also prepared a new hero, Guinevere, the first fighter/mage hero. The emergence of this hero also received tremendous response from the players because they have very terrible abilities. But behind it all, it turns out Guinevere keeps a variety of mysteries. What are you curious about? Let's look at the following review of the mystery of Guinevere Mobile Legends.

misteri guinevere.jpg

1. One Academy with Valir?

If speaking of a magic academy, there are only two places that have been informed by Mobile Legends; namely Lion Academy, which became the place where Harley learned magic, and Magic Academy where Valir had studied with Gord. Indeed, it is not certain whether the Magic Academy is the same as the Valir or not. But seeing stories from other heroes, it can be concluded that Guinevere is an academy with Valir.

It was also mentioned in the lore, that is, from the age of 10, he had been admitted to the Magic Academy. Approximately, they're both in a department or not? Hihi.

2. Super Fad Sister

A sweet face accompanied by an elegant appearance turns out to be cheating, guys! Who would have thought that this Guinevere figure was a super fad sister! According to the lore, Guinevere is Lancelot's sister and both of them are from the Baroque Family. His fad was very troublesome to his brother, even to make his brother headache.

In the lore itself, it was mentioned that Guinevere often made Lancelot his magic guinea pig and kept his brother from hiding from this idle younger brother. Unfortunately, Guinevere always managed to find Odette's boyfriend wherever he was.

3. The Fourth Hero Who Has Sibling in the Game

With the presence of Guinevere, this certainly makes it the fourth hero who has a brother in the game. As we all know, besides Guinevere and Lancelot, there are three other heroes who have brothers in games such as Harley with Lesley, Karina with Selena, and Valir with Vale.

4. She is loved by his brother

Despite having fun and often troubling his sister, Guinevere turned out to be very loved by her brother! In the lore, itself mentions if Lancelot still loves Guinevere even though he is always bullied by his sister and smiles sweetly. But if he had talked about the sister's magic experiments, Lancelot's smile turned sour.

5. Want to be Matched with You Gusion?

After discovering the mystery of Guinevere's past, his present self turns out to be quite surprising! Not long ago, the Paxley family who both had high magic status applied to the Baroque Family. As has been told in Lore Gusion, he was one of the children of the Paxley Family, although the result was that he himself disobeyed.

Even more surprising, Guinevere's parents felt agreed and wanted to match her daughter.

Until this article rises, there is no hero who took the family name Paxley besides Gusion. If we draw conclusions, chances are that one of Gusion's brothers will be betrothed to Guinevere because it is impossible for a family to match a dissident child.

That was the mystery of Guinevere Mobile Legends that you might not realize.