5 Facts About New Hero, Faramis, in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends will release a mage hero and then the next support after Nana, namely Faramis. This Moonton game, of course, also puts a variety of mysteries and facts about the hero. This time, we will see the Faramis mystery that you must know. What are you curious about? Consider the following review.


1. The only Survivor Mage on Necrokeep

In an area far from the Moniyan Empire, there was a very gloomy castle called Necrokeep. The story explained that the place had a good history, but until one day dark energy destroyed the castle. From the tragedy, only one person managed to survive namely Faramis. Then, who is this Faramis really?

2. Vexana's Subordinates Trying to Heal the Queen

His appearance, which is like a living corpse, certainly made us immediately associate it with Vexana. In fact, Faramis is still related to Vexana, but only subordinates. In the story of Faramis it is stated that he tried to heal the queen after killing her own husband.Faramis  continued to try even though the results always failed until finally Vexana's condition worsened and made him a monster.

3. Have a very good heart

Despite being like an undead, Faramis turned out to have a very good heart. Aside from continuing to try to heal the queen, he once tried to beg the Moniyan Empire so that his kingdom would not be destroyed! It was mentioned in the story that Faramis appealed to the Moniyan Empire, but was refused. In fact, Faramis was arrested in a heavily guarded laboratory. He could only see the castle destroyed when captured.

4. Using Dark Magic to Survive

The ability he has also had a history,! In the story, the captured Faramis miraculously escaped and entered the castle ruins. After the incident, he also tried various magic into himself in order to survive and it worked. Instead, he turned into a vengeful creature who never let the Knights of Moniyan Empire run away.

5. Studying Forbidden Magic

Not only does he have dark magic, he also learns forbidden magic, guys! This is certainly related to his ultimate which can arouse a teammate. In his story, he has a book of resection which turns out to be a forbidden and unstable magic.

Even though he already knew this, he still mastered it and continued to use the magic to avenge the Moniyan Empire which had destroyed his castle. This also explains why he held the book all this time.

That was the fifth interesting fact about Faramis. All of his abilities and appearance are still related to Vexana, guys! Who would have thought if he had a very good heart until begging so even though he was finally arrested.