5 Heroes to Counter Kadita in Mobile Legends!

The recent appearance of Kadita on Mobile Legends has brought quite a lot of changes in Meta! This mage hero not only has high damage, but also quite hard, agile, and can trouble your own team when dealing with it as an enemy. Not to mention the passive skill that can heal a number of HP from received damage makes it difficult to kill if you already have a lifesteal spell and your team has anti-regen items. To overcome a Kadita, you can use the following heroes that have proven effective against them.

Nggak Usah Takut, Inilah 5 Hero Counter Kadita Mobile Legends yang Terbukti Ampuh!

1. Saber

Although it can be immune to control effects, it is only a moment and can be tricked by using hero-hero lock like Saber. With his Flying Sword, the Saber can easily trigger passively from Kadita and make it cool down for a moment. At that moment, immediately use Triple Sweep and finish Kadita as soon as possible. As a reminder, use Triple Sweep after Kadita uses Ocean Oddity and make sure you have triggered the passive skill first so that your damage is not in vain.

2. Helcurt

When talking to a mage counter, it seems Helcurt is still one of the champions. Hero assassins who are equipped with enough silence can indeed make Kadita powerless with the right timings. When dealing with Kadita, trigger his passive skill first with Shadow Raid. When Kadita panics and tries to run, chase with Dark Night Falls and force him to issue the ultimate. At that time, you can re-enter Shadow Raid and launch a combination of Shadow Raid + Deadly Poisoned Stinger skills.

3. Chou

Just like Saber, Chou is still a mainstay hero in terms of locking a hero. Coupled with changes in skills that make it a reliable damage hero, Chou can now kill Kadita easily. What Chou has to do is use Jeet Kune Do + Shunpo from behind the bush and hit Kadita into the air. After that, immediately welcome using The Way of Dragon to produce very high damage. If you haven't died or tried to strike back, take advantage of Flicker or Shunpo battle spells and use the skill again until Kadita dies. Repeat if needed.

4. Franco

Still, around the locking hero, Franco became the best choice tank to lock a Kadita. Because his Brutal Massacre can penetrate the immune control effect he has! Even though the duration is very short, that time is enough if you work with other teammates. In addition, Franco can also rely on Iron Hook to attract Kadita who is trying to escape using Ocean Oddity.

5. Moskov

This last one hero can be the best counter for Kadita, but you must be able to control it well! By utilizing the Abyss Walker, Moskov can easily avoid the Kadita skill that is easily seen and beat Kadita with additional attack speed. Not to mention his Spear of Death can have a stun effect long enough when Moskov managed to crash Kadita with a wall or other enemy hero. Moskov can also easily trigger passive from Kadita with just a few basic attacks and make Kadita not dare to advance for a while.

That was the fifth hero who could counter Kadita in the game. But still, remember! Using the five heroes above certainly requires excellent teamwork and should not be careless when executing skills.