5 Important Mall Items in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love that You Must Buy

From a series of many items mall Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love offered by Gravity, there are indeed things that don't need to be bought and some are really required to be purchased. Following are the 5 item malls that must be purchased at Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love which has been summarized:

1. Valkyrie's Guidance Chest

Valkyrie Guidance Chest Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

Valkyrie’s Guidance Chest has a price of 6 Big Cat Coin (BCC). With Valkyrie’s Guidance Chest you can get 5 Guild's Gifts and 1 Gold Medal. This Gold Medal can later be used to open runes. But there are restrictions in purchasing item mall, you must buy this one, that is, in a week you can only buy 10 pieces of Valkyrie's Guidance Chest.

2. Hollgrehenn's Blessing Chest

Hollgrehenn's Blessing Chest Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

Hollgrehen Blessing Chests are sold for 30 BCC. What makes this mall item is really necessary to buy because in 1 box Holl's Reinforced Blessing Chest contains 250,000 Zeny, 5 Mora Coin, 10 Oridecons and 10 Eluniums.

This one item mall is usually used by players when they want to refine or enchantment equipment. But if you don't want to upgrade equipment, you can, just sell the Elunium and Oridecon to the NPC Exchange. The addition of the Zeny is pretty good!

3. Novice's Blessing Chest

Novice Blessing Chest Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

The required item mall to buy is the next Novice's Blessing Chest. This item sells for 15 BCC. Opening a Novice's Blessing Chest will get you 100,000 Zeny extras, 1 Lightning Chain, 100 Kafra Storage Tickets, 20 Kafra Teleport Tickets, 5 Mystery Mercenary Tickets, 5 Hot Meals, 50 Blue Potions and 50 White Potions.

Actually, all the contents above can be obtained through the quest at Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love. But if you feel the sultan, there's nothing wrong with buying this one mall item!

4. Name Change Card

Name Change Card di Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

Well! This one item mall is a must buy if you buy characters from other players. Do you want to have your own ideal nickname? Then this one Name Change Card certainly needs to be purchased.

5. Premium Card Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

Premium card Ragnarok M Eternal Love

This one item mall doesn't seem to need a doubt. You must buy a premium card to speed up the progress of your character! Finally, if you have a more budget, 5 item malls must be purchased above you really need to buy.