5 Important Points of Dota 7.21 Update You Must Know

After a long wait, Valve finally officially released the Dota 7.21 update. Many changes occur in heroes and items. This time, the author will explore five important points that occurred in Dota 2 version 7.21 this time. Come see the review below.

dota 7.21.jpg

1. Many Melee Heroes Get Additional Movement Speed

Various hero melee get buff is very good in this update, which is additional movement speed. Indeed, not all of them, but the hero who gets additional movement speed includes powerful heroes and is very dependent on the speed.

Additional movement speed will be a strength for powerful melee heroes, especially those who get +15 movement speed such as Legion Commander, Lifestealer, Lycan, Sven, Ursa, and Wraith King. Capitalizing on Venom Orb, you won't be able to run from their pursuit.

2. After Nerf for Nerf, Io disappears from Captain Mode

Bad news finally hit Io. Some patches have been hit with nerf, this time it must also be temporarily removed from Captain Mode. But the disappearance of Io from Captain Mode is not without reason because he also gets quite a lot of buffs and adjustments.
  • First, Tether can now still provide additional HP and MP to friends even though his HP and MP are full;
  • Secondly, Overcharge is now no longer toggle skill, but buffs skills with duration. Overcharge also no longer reduces Io's HP and MP so he is not too dizzy to set his own life;
  • Finally, Relocate is now back to the way it used to be when using cast delay even longer so that it can use Relocate first and use Tether at the right time to save friends.

3. Clockwerk gets the most sadistic buff

Of all the buffs who get buffs, Clockwerk can get sadistic buffs because his Battery Assault no longer uses cast points so he can quickly issue Cogs and use basic attacks. Not to mention if you have taken talent level 25 -0.3 Battery Assault Interval, the enemy is definitely not able to escape.

The main reason why he gets sadistic buff is that he can already take the level 20 Rocket Flare true sight talent without sacrificing the level 25 talent mentioned above.

4. Mid Game Will Be A Little More Weight

I don't know what is on Icefrog's mind, but the Dota 7.21 update this time makes the game run a little harder at mid game. The first change is on XP from level 7 to 12 which increases quite a lot. The XP difference in this change is +80/90/100/10/20/30 XP.

Maybe the XP comparison looks quite a bit because only a matter of 2-3 XP creeps the lane. But the weight of this mid game is also supported by changes in the armored tower that increases, as well as bonus armor to the hero while near the tower.

5. Upgrade the Aghanim Scepter Night Stalker to be removed!

The last important point is the removal of the Scepter upgrade for Night Stalker to get full night vision. This change can be said to be a two-sided sword for Night Stalker users. The advantage, Dark Ascension now provides unobstructed night vision when used so that it becomes very terrible when in the early to mid game. Night Stalker can also save one item slot to get this unobstructed night vision effect.

Bad, he became very dependent on ultimate to make a positioning, give information to one team, to do gank. The ultimate moment is cooldown and night, the enemy does not need to be afraid of the existence of Night Stalker if you don't have the ultimate.

That was the fifth important point in the Dota 7.21 update this time. For more details, immediately check the changes at changelog dota2.com/news/updates/47930.