5 Interesting Facts from Aokiji, Former Admiral who Becomes a Pirate

Previously, we had discussed 5 interesting facts from Admiral Aokiji the ice man in One Piece. This time we will discuss other interesting facts possessed by the figure who has Kuzan's real name. Just take a look at the discussion below!

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1. Join the Blackbeard Pirates

After resigning from the Navy, Aokiji decided to seclude himself. No one knows where he is until he saves Smoker who will be finished by Doflamingo. Eventually, there was news that he had joined the Blackbeard Pirates.

This is surprising news because this figure who has a good view of justice can join the Blackbeard Pirates who have made a big mess. It is still unknown what the motives behind it are. Some readers argue that Aokiji was only a spy in the group.

2. The First Person to Beat SHP Alone

Aokiji was the first person to be able to make all Straw Hats not move alone. Even Zoro and Sanji who are good at fighting can be made KO. Despite defeating all SHPs, Aokiji decides to release them. Aokiji felt helped and thanked Luffy and his friends for killing Crocodile, the Shichibukai member he hated the most.

3. Have a Flat Expression

Aokiji is a person who is not very good at expression. Almost under any circumstances, he showed the same facial expression. When Jaguar D. Saul defected from the Navy, he was shocked but with a flat expression. When Aokiji was surprised, the phrase 'ararara' would come out of his mouth. If interpreted freely, it's the same as 'geez'. When saying that, the expression on his face remained unchanged.

4. Exploring the Grand Line

Although lazy, Aokiji is diligent when doing certain things, for example by navigating the Grand Line by bicycle. Either this can be said to be diligent or crazy. Luffy just takes a very long time to sail the Grand Line using the Going Merry. Aokiji has an eccentric nature like lying down while talking to Luffy. If navigating the Grand Line by boat alone takes a long time, how long does Aokiji spend on the ocean with his bicycle? Hmm ...

5. The Youngest Admiral

The last interesting fact of Aokiji is that he is the youngest compared to the other Admiral, Akainu and Kizaru. When becoming an Admiral, Aokiji was 47 years old, while Akainu was 53 years old and Kizaru was 58 years old. Although being the youngest, it seems that Aokiji's thinking is more mature than the other 2 Admirals.