5 Most Popular and Best Heroes in Mobile Legends Season 11

It hasn't been around a month since the ranked 11 season Mobile Legends began. Various heroes who used to be meta have now lost their potential, and vice versa where the hero who is not too popular is back strong in this season. At least, there are five heroes who always become tire and pick subscribers in this season 11. Curious about anyone? Check out more below.


1. Harith

Despite having a large degree of difficulty, in fact Harith did not lose popularity in the game. What made him the main victim of the pick and tire was that all of his skills that had high damage and cooldown were quite short. His Synchro Fission is able to produce high magic damage when it hits a target in the middle, it hasn't even been added after using it several times. Not to mention the combination of the Age Force and Chrono Dash makes Harith difficult to capture and needs locking heroes like Chou and Saber to deal with it.

2. Leomord

Hearing Leomord's name, it doesn't seem surprising if he became a victim of a tire or a pick in season 11. Hero with his favorite horse Barbiel is quite hard and has high damage. Leomord can also hit while walking like Irithel when he rides Barbiel, his favorite horse when using ultimate and crashing himself. If it has entered the late game, Leomord could have leveled five heroes at the same time with the current Hero tanks like Gatotkaca.

3. Lunox

Lunox is a mage hero that is different from other mage-mages. He was provided with passive skills which made him not get all kinds of cooldown reduction benefits from items or emblems. Instead, the cooldown reduction effect will change with magic penetration or resistance depending on the state. The damage he produces is quite high with short cooldown skills and makes it very deadly, both for one on one and team fight.

4. Grock

The hero in the form of stone one is indeed still an idol for hero tank users besides Gatotkaca. Grock is quite unique because it has the skill of Guardian's Barrier who can create a wall to prevent the enemy from running or entering the team fight. Not only is it hard because of its passive skills, Grock also has high damage thanks to the Power of Nature when it is charged longer and Wild Charge which deals very high damage with large areas when it hits a wall or turret. Not to mention he was immune to the control effect when he was near the wall and charged his first skill.

5. Claude

Until this article rises, there is still no hero marksman who has a very stable scaling from the beginning to the late game besides Claude. This one hero can be said to be fighting two heroes at once because of an additional basic attack from his friend, Dexter. He can also steal attack speed, move places, and shoot insistent enemies in a large area. When combined with tank heroes who have crowd control such as Minotaur, Tigreal, or even Gatotkaca, Claude can launch a combination of his skills and wipe out the enemy. Unfortunately, Claude's potential is far below another marksman when entering the late game.