5 Popular Heroes That Have Been Forgotten in Mobile Legends

Popular heroes of Mobile Legends lately tend to be agile heroes and have high damage in the game. This certainly makes some of the heroes who had the chance to meta and popular become increasingly drowned, or even forgotten lately. At least, there are five heroes who are listed as popular heroes who began to live in players. Who are they? Check out more below.


1. Hylos

Had sunk, crowded, then now he was buried again. Hylos's appearance in the game has become increasingly rare these days. In fact, its potential to initiate is very good, especially to save teammates who are in trouble. Especially if the enemy is close to him, it will be difficult to run away from his control effect unless he has Flicker. Although it has advantages that make it able to get a cellphone from MP, the effect has not made it seen lately.

2. Alpha

After being heavily buffed, Alpha glowed on various matches, both casual and ranked match. Unfortunately, this one fighter hero is increasingly disappearing from various matches. With a very large spell vamp and equipped with control effects, Alpha still can't compete with other more powerful fighter heroes lately like Martis, Sun, even Minsitthar.

3. Bane

At the beginning of 2018 when it was just released, Bane immediately attracted the attention of many people, including pro players. Users also boomed in various matches and made it like a must-have hero in every game. Unfortunately, Bane is increasingly rare lately, especially after the healing effect in the second skill is nerfed quite badly.

In fact, he is the strongest hero pusher in Mobile Legends to date because it can produce damage to turrets using Deadly Catch which makes it unnecessary to get close to the turret.

4. Odette

Having a large area and good control effects does not make Odette popular in various matches. In the current meta, agile mage heroes like Kagura, Harley, or Harith are far better than Odette. Because she has absolutely no control effect and can be kidnapped easily even though his teammates have helped. Plus, the ultimate skill is channeling and very easily canceled by meta heroes with control effects like Kaja, Ruby, or Aldous.

5. Estes

When the agile heroes are still few, Estes is the best choice hero for heal problems. Most of the skills give a lot of heal and a short cooldown. But at this time the situation was different because the agile heroes were getting bigger and Estes was almost in trouble in the game because of the lack of fuzzy skills and control effects.