5 Strongest Hero Mage AOV in February 2019

In January, Garena released the newest Arena of Valor Indonesia patch note which contained a lot of changes; starting from new features, changes to Horizon Valley gameplay, and balancing heroes. In connection with balancing, this time the author will give you information about the strongest AOV hero mage in February 2019 which will dominate the Horizon Valley until next month.

Lima Hero Mage AOV Terkuat Februari 2019, Ignis Masih Tetap Jadi Favorit

Not arbitrarily guessing, the author will give an explanation or reason why the heroes entered the best five mage list for the January patch. Curious about anyone? Here's the review.

5. The Flash

In January, The Flash got a buff that was quite significant to its ultimate named Cyclone. The additional damage is given to the Cyclone from 500/750/1000 (+0.6 MP) to 500/750/1000 (+0.7 MP) made the Flashback glow again than Raz or Liliana.

Besides adding damage, the cooldown reduction of 60/55/50 seconds to 50/45/40 seconds makes The Flash use Cyclone faster. The Flash is also well-known as a difficult hero to capture, so he will complicate the condition of the enemy and make his teammates gain more profit. For you users of The Flash, it's time for you to shine in the Horizon Valley.

4. Liliana

Liliana will still enter the strongest five mage list in February 2019; this was caused by the skill set which was fairly perfect. He was able to give a very large burst of damage when he became a Human. Then he was also able to destroy objectively like a tower very quickly when he was Fox.

No wonder he seems to be going on the mage hero mage list. Until now there has been no sign that he will get the balance, but according to the news circulating later, Liliana will be eliminated in the form of eliminating the Reiki Shot (2) damage area.

3. Kahlii

This Mage is mentioned as a counter from Ignis because it passes Soul Summoning (1) and Ethereal Pulse (2) Kahlii is able to deal damage beyond the range of Ignis attack. Plus in January 2019 patch Kahlii again got a buff in the form of increasing bullet speed from his passive skill, Powerful Hymns, which is from 20 m / s to 25 m / s. Of course, this will make Kahlii faster in terms of cleaning wave creep and doing roams to help colleagues on the sidelane.

2. Marja

Even though it gets nerf status which is in the form of reducing the Regen HP Base / 5 seconds from 46 to 42 and reducing Physical Base DEF from 88 to 84, but Marja will still be the choice of the sidelaner.

This is because Marja is very strong in terms of the Laning Phase. He does not need to go back to Base just to fill in where and also Marja has Life Steal which is very useful for a laner.

In addition, the attack distance of Skill 1, Dark Pulse, is very far and suitable for repaying your opponent's HP, especially when fighting melee heroes. Marja is also very difficult to get gank thanks to the ultimate skill called Ghost Walk. So it's no wonder he will still be one of the strongest mage heroes in February 2019.

1. Ignis

Just like Marja, Ignis also got a blow in the form of a huge balance. Here are the three points nerf that Ignis gets:

  • Passive Skill: Sacred Flame
  • HP recovery when Mark is triggered: 120 (+8 per level) (+0.3 MP) → 100 (+5 per level) (+0.15 MP);
  • Skill 1: Fire Crash
  • Magic Damage: 340 (+40 per level) (+0.4 MP) → 300 (+40 per level) (+0.4 MP);
  • Skill 2: Rain of Fire
  • Stun duration: 1 second → 0.75 seconds.

Although Ignis gets a fairly large balance, the mechanism between Fire Crash and Sacred Flame will still run very smoothly. This means that Fire Crash will still have a mechanism without the usual cooldown, which of course will still be dangerous if combined with Rain of Fire, although Rain of Fire also has a reduction in stun duration of 0.25 seconds.

According to the author, the only way that Ignis is not so overpowered is to change the mechanism without the cooldown with other effects, so that Ignis will still be playable but not as strong as it is now.

Those are the five strongest AOV mage hero lists in February 2019 which are likely to dominate the Horizon Valley on the current patch.