5 Tips and Tricks for Playing Epic Seven to Become a Pro Player

In playing Epic Seven, there are some tips and tricks that players need to know to be able to master this game quickly. So what should you do when playing Epic Seven? Just take a look at the discussion below!

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5. No Need for a Five-Star Hero

Rarity in Epic Seven is described by the number of stars the hero has. The highest star a hero from Gacha can have is five. And their stars can be increased to six after reaching the maximum level with Awakening. To do Awakening, you need a rune.

In this game, you are not required to have a five-star hero from Gacha. Even three-star heroes can be increased to six stars. Because it will be better if from the beginning you just focus on one Hero to improve.

4. Use Artifacts that Match the Hero

Artifacts can be used on each Hero to increase stats or give them certain abilities. We recommend that you choose an Artifact with the effect that suits them best, because that will be able to maximize the potential of the Hero itself. The level of the Artifact can also be increased using other Artifacts to make the material.

3. Increase Buildings in Sanctuary

At the Sanctuary there are various types of buildings that can be very helpful if made. In this menu, there are various places like Forest of Soul, Hearts of Orbis, Steel Workshop, and others. As the story goes, the player will open all the buildings. Buildings in the Sanctuary can be upgraded with Breath of Orbis. This item is very rare, because it can only be obtained from completing certain stages.

2. Use Phantasma for Promote Hero

Phantasma functions as a replacement for Hero that can be used to Promote Hero. There are three types of Phantasma, namely Mega Phantasma (2 *), Giga Phantasma (3 *), and Terra Phantasma (4 *). Unlike other Heroes, they will be at the maximum level when you get it.

For example, your Hero 3 * has reached the maximum level. So to do Promote, you have to sacrifice three heroes 3 *. Compared to the Hero, it would be better if you use the Phantasma. Phantasma can be obtained from certain events or exchanged for Brave Chest.

1. Notice the Element of each Hero

Things that might be less noticed by some RPG players are Element. Each Hero has an element that has its own advantages and disadvantages when fighting certain elements. Fire wins against Earth, Earth wins against Water, and Water wins against Fire. Whereas Light and Dark do not have weaknesses or advantages.

If you meet an enemy that is difficult to defeat, try to bring a Hero with a superior element from them. Damage given to your opponent will be greater, also the damage received from him will also decrease.

That was a variety of tips and tricks for playing Epic Seven for those of you who are beginners. Hopefully this can help you master this game