5 Tips to Counter Badang in Mobile Legends

Soon, Badang will be present at Mobile Legends with extraordinary strength, being able to become a short and long distance fighter depending on the build. This Malaysian hero fighter is equipped with a control effect and damage basic attack that is quite good so that the enemy hero must be careful. However, how to deal with Badang is quite easy, guys! Curious? Check out Badang's counter tips to make it helpless in the game.


1. Use Hero with Control Effect

When using ultimate, Badang does get immunity to the control effect, but only for a few moments. Therefore, using a hero that has a control effect is still the best choice for you. When he does not have immunity, use the control effect you have such as stun, knock up, or so on to make him stop.

2. When Confined, Take advantage of the Blurry Skill that You Have

The wall created by Badang from the second skill is quite large and makes your heroes certainly difficult to escape because of the slow effect given from the first skill. Therefore, use the skill to run well when dealing with it. Make sure the skill is not in cooldown when you decide to fight Badang, both in teamfight or one on one.

In addition, Moskov can be the best choice to face Badang because the wall can backfire for itself.

3. Don't Fight Near the Wall

Aside from Badang's skill, try not to fight too close to the wall because that will be his main advantage. Aside from being able to easily push you against the wall, Badang will cause great damage to your herom when it is near the wall. Stay away from the wall and avoid the second skill so that it isn't too useful.

4. Buy Heal Effect Reduction or Attack Speed Reduction Items

As a fighter, Badang is quite flexible, both being a hero that relies on lifesteal and unlimited attack speed for stun. To fix this, adjust the items you have with the builds from Badang that you can see and predict.

If he uses the lifesteal, buys a Deadly Blade or Necklace of Durance. But if he relied on attack speed, Dominance Ice could be the best choice.

5. Take advantage of Battle Spells according to your Role

When facing Badang, choosing a battle spell is very important. Therefore, choose the right battle spell according to the role or hero you are playing; for example, you use a hero with minimal blink skills, then use Flicker. Or if you have blurred skills and have a control effect, some battle spells like Purify, Petrify, or Sprint can be used.

That was the Badang counter tips this time. Hopefully, with these tips, you can overcome Badang well and you don't need to be afraid to face it again. Good luck!