5 Ways to Make Slime with Shampoo

Shampoo based on shampoo is very safe for children because it does not contain dangerous chemicals and is certainly very practical because we can find the basic ingredients very easily. Then how to make slime using shampoo so the results are good. For shampoos, we cannot use any brand of shampoo because each shampoo is made of materials with different thicknesses, so here I recommend using the Dove shampoo brand and the Pantene shampoo brand.

The Dove shampoo brand and the Pantene Shampoo brand have high viscosity so it's great for making slime. If you already have both brands of shampoo we can immediately start making slime with shampoo. Here I have 5 ways to make slime using shampoo base material. Okay, without much ado, here it is

5 Ways to Make Slime Using Shampoo 

1. How to Make Slime Using Shampoo and Toothpaste

How to make slime with shampoo can also be varied with toothpaste. Unlike shampoos that must come from certain brands, we can freely use toothpaste from any brand in the process of making this slime.

How to make it, you can simply mix Pantene or Dove shampoo into a container and mix toothpaste. Gently stir the mixture to flat and the mixture begins to thicken.

If the thickness of the mixture feels less, you can add more toothpaste and stir again. Finally, please enter the slime in a closed container and store it for a few 30 minutes in the refrigerator. Congratulations now the slime is ready to play.

2. How to Make Slime Using Shampoo and Liquid Soap

In addition to making slime using toothpaste, we can also use liquid soap in the bathroom in the process of making this slime.

This method will not produce good slime to play if we do not add the slime activator to the batter during the manufacturing process. We will use Insto because Insto has the same function as Borax as a slime activator that can make stretchy slime.

How to make slime with shampoo and liquid soap is quite easy. Prepare a plastic container, then enter shampoo and liquid soap, or you can also use Sunlight brand soap, stir until evenly distributed, then add insto eye drops. After that, the slime is ready to be played.

3. How to Make Slime Using Shampoo and Salt

We can make slime using shampoos and salt additives. This method is fairly easy and has a high success rate. For how to make it, prepare an empty dry container first. Then, enter the shampoo in the Pantene brand or Dove brand into a container.

Then enter the salt into the mixture and stir it constantly until it feels evenly distributed. The kitchen salt we use should be fine salt. The amount does not need much but is adjusted to the slime texture we want.

The addition of salt to the shampoo will make the shampoo batter become familiar. If the slime is thick, you can add more salt and stir until the mixture is even or even. To remove the stickiness, you can add a few drops of baby oil to the mixture.

4. How to Make Slime Using Shampoo and Baking Soda

We can use baking soda as an additive in making slime with shampoo. The process and method of making it is quite simple, just like how to make slime with shampoo and salt.

First prepare a container first, then enter the shampoo brand dove and add a little baking soda. Stir slowly until the mixture thickens and then add more baking soda if it feels the slime is thick.

You need to know that the slime produced from this method will usually have a stocky texture and not sticky when played. Therefore, this recipe is most often used to make slime from shampoo ingredients.

5. How to make slime with shampoo

Among all the ways to make slime with shampoo, this last method which I think is the most perfect and good results. To apply this method, prepare a shampoo "do not have to shampoo the Dove or Pantene brands, because in this way I actually recommend you use a dilute shampoo such as Lifebuoy brand or Zinc brand", for glue "you can use FOX glue, Povinal or UHU glue "and prepare powder detergent, food coloring, baby powder, and baby oil Cussons.

Next, prepare a dry container, then put the glue and shampoo in half sachets, and food coloring to taste. Stir all the ingredients until they are even and feel thick. At this stage, we actually make slime with good texture, but if you feel less, you can add detergent and if the slime feels sticky, add baby oil or baby powder.

These are some of the ways to make slime with a safe and simple shampoo. To make slime with a level of elasticity to taste, you can also adjust the dosage of other ingredients added in slime dough.

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