7 Reasons Why Ragnarok Eternal Love Starts Being Abandoned by the Players

Since Ragnarok Eternal Love was released in Indonesia, this mobile MMORPG immediately topped the best game ladder on the Google Play Store. How can it be like that? Most likely because of the aspect of nostalgia for the Ragnarok Online game used to be present in all corners of Ragnarok Eternal Love. Coupled with gameplay and graphics that are already present, this game made by Gravity is suitable for adult and children.


Everything above is sure to come back down. That is what will - or even has happened - on Ragnarok Eternal Love. This game is being abandoned by its players and maybe the following seven reasons are the cause.

7. Less Interesting New Content

Ragnarok Eternal Love does present new events and content every month. The content looks interesting at the start and the player becomes excited about playing this game. When arriving and running, the content actually feels normal and boring. The spirit of the players went down and instead logged into the game again.

6. Just-like Gameplay

This is a typical problem for MMORPG games, including Ragnarok Eternal Love. As time goes on, the players who used to be grinding and farming are now bored because they only do these things every day. If there is no interesting content or new targets that he wants to achieve, over time anyone will definitely leave the game.

5. The emergence of a fairly long update

One of the reasons players still want to go online every day into the game is an update that keeps coming regularly. If there is a new update for a long time, players will have no enthusiasm to play anymore because they are tired of the content.

4. Bugs and Errors That Have Not Been Resolved
Seven Reasons for Ragnarok Eternal Love Starts to Be Left by the Players, Are You Also?
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Bugs and errors in each game are critical and must be corrected - Ragnarok Eternal Love does not avoid this. If it's not taken care of quickly, the player will be harmed because of a problem with the game itself and he quickly leaves it.

If he spreads the losses he experiences, the chances of other players following him are also higher because they don't want to feel the same.

3. Rampant Cheat

There are no games that avoid cheats, so does Ragnarok Eternal Love. There have been many games that have been proven to be losing money due to cheats. If it's not managed quickly, many players feel uncomfortable and prefer to leave this game.

In addition, there is no strict action from the Ragnarok Eternal Love as well as the main factor for the players to decline.

2. Toxic Community Players

Who says Ragnarok Eternal Love's players get along well? There must be toxic players who will harm other players, causing the game community itself to become uncomfortable and slowly be abandoned.

1. Games Impressed 'Make Money Continuously'

Have you ever felt that Ragnarok Eternal Love is like continuing to provoke players to buy BCCs? You are not alone, guys! Many players feel the same way.

This game often raises new content that is 'inviting', but rarely overcomes the problems that have occurred lately. The game update also hasn't been reported yet. Because this is how players started disappearing from the world of Rune Midgard.