Build Battle High Priest Ragnarok M Eternal Love: Deadly Critical

High Prist is indeed famous for its best support ability, but do you know that this job also has very high attack capabilities? Next, we see the following High Priest build auto battle Ragnarok M Eternal Love:

Build High Priest Type Battle Ragnarok M Eternal Love

Build High Priest Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

No Party No Cry, maybe this is a slogan that is suitable for a High Priest auto battle job on Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love. Actually, this build is for players who want to be independent without the help of others while navigating the kingdom of Rune Midgard.

How not, since becoming Acolyte and Priest, jobs with this build can stand alone to raise levels or farm. The advantage of this job is being able to destroy undead, demon and dark type monsters in seconds or even less than one second!

Arena's ability (PvP) also deserves a thumbs up but requires adequate equipment. For the disadvantages of this build is the fighting ability of monster types other than those mentioned above. But this did not become a big obstacle because the High Priest battle type had power, speed, and high attack critical rate.

Skill build

Skill Build High Priest Battle Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

The skill build of the High Priest build type of battle is not as complicated as when choosing the High Priest type of support, try to take skills that support your own physical abilities. Also, avoid increasing skills that require a magic attack because it certainly won't work.

Following are the choices of skills that you must take to become a brave High Priest type:
  • Maces Mastery 10
  • Blessing 10
  • Increase Agility 10
  • Heal 10
  • Kyrie Eleison 10
  • Ruwach 1
  • Light Shield 5
  • Aspersio 2
  • Gloria 5
  • Imposition Manus 10
  • Demon Bane 10
  • Safety Wall 10
  • Angelus 10
  • Assumptio 5
  • Decrease Agility 10 (optional)

Take the Heal skill, Kyrie Eleison, Ruwach and Light Shield only after you become a Priest and have taken Aspersio, Gloria and Impositio Manus skills first!

Build Status

Status Build High Priest Battle Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

In the status section, the most important thing about building the High Priest auto battle is how your job characters produce big damage, fast speed and a high critical rate against the enemy. Therefore, according to the recommendations in the game, you need to increase the status as follows:

Str: 112
Agi: 89
Luk: 59

But the status above is final status, then what is the status before reaching the maximum level? Reports from in-game experience, before reaching level 90 and the status that can be taken:

Str: 70-90
Agi: 30-50
Luk: 10-30

The function of raising Agi is actually to increase attack speed (ASPD) not to increase evasion (Flee). Because of how much Agi you raise, Flee is not a specialty of this job. Str? Obviously to increase the amount of attack power (damage) to the enemy. The higher the attack power and attack speed, the faster the High Priest finishes off the enemy.

You really need to take to increase the critical rate. But try not to overdo it because the critical rate can be supported by the Gloria and equipment skills that you will use later.

Equipment Build

Equipment High Priest Battle Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

The choice of equipment that can be used by the High Priest job type auto battle can you adjust in field conditions. You can check the options yourself in the adventure book on the equipment column. But try to take equipment that increases attack and ASPD. For weapons, there are 2 types of weapons that are highly recommended, namely Slash and Noble Cross. Here's the explanation:

1. Slash

This weapon has a fairly high number of attacks, besides that this weapon is equipped with a critical rate of +20 which of course can reduce the use of Luk's food additives later.

But unfortunately this weapon will reduce 1/3 of the character's total defense, but this is not a problem with the presence of Kyrie Eleison's skill and cellphone enhancing food. You can get this weapon from Orc Hero MVP monsters or buy it through an auction at the NPC Exchange which of course requires Zeny.

2. Noble Cross

Noble Cross is actually an advanced weapon from Sword Mace. This weapon has an additional attack on Dark and Undead monsters by 20%. In addition to the addition of aspd by 10%, a High Priest type of battle can destroy the enemy instantly.

But unfortunately, this weapon is not equipped with an additional critical rate that is very necessary for this build. To be more leverage, buy a Goblin Archer Card that has a critical attack increase function of 10% and critical rate +20 for Undead monsters.

Pet Choice

Pet High Priest Battle Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

For the pet section itself, KLIKSM dares to guarantee that no recommendations are the best to be juxtaposed with the High Priest build type of battle. The reason is that indeed all will return to the field conditions and the purpose of the players using this build type.

But to help you, here are the pet choices that you can use:
  • Do you want to drop more material? use Lunatic. Poring can also be an option, but Lunatic is better because it has the auto skill Soul Strike.
  • Do you want more EXP and faster ASPD? then use Yoyo.
  • Want to get more drop card opportunities? then use Sohee.
  • Do you want to save stamina plus a bonus attack and def? use Savage Babe.
  • You have more Zeny and want more EXP and Attack? Deviruchi is the right choice.
  • Other pets are not very useful for this build, so it's best not to think about.

Conclusion, that he built the High Priest auto battle on Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, actually the main key to this build is the amount and speed of attack and the high critical rate.