Complete Guide to Change Job to Hunter in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

Hunter is an advanced job from Archer and one of the professions with the best DPS (Damage Per-Second) in Ragnarok M Eternal Love. Your Archer already has a level 40 job? Now it's time for you to take the job change Hunter quest to become a handsome Hunter!

Guide to Hunter Job Change Quest in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

To be a Hunter in Ragnarok M Eternal Love there will be several tests that you have to go through. Before starting, make sure you read the following tips:

Make sure your Archer has a level 40 job.

I encounter some NPC script irregularities in this quest, so make sure you read every detail of this guide.
  1. The distance between the NPCs on this quest is quite far, make sure to read every tip in this guide.
  2. There are two names of the same NPC in this quest.
  3. Make sure the HP and SP regeneration dish is active! (Very obligatory)
  4. Bring enough White Potion (Required)
  5. Bring the Butterfly Wing (Optional)
  6. Bring enough Blue Potion (Optional)
  7. Later, read the best weapon Hunter Ragnarok M Eternal Love.

The following is a complete guide to becoming a Hunter in Ragnarok M Eternal Love.

1. Meet and Invite to Speak NPC Higgy Eez

Lokasi NPC Higgy Eez Ragnarok M Eternal Love

This NPC Higgy Eez is located in the building when you change job one in Ragnarok M Eternal Love. Then meet NPC Kebak (Hunter) around NPC Higgy Eez. Kebak NPC will give 2 options: 'Change job to Hunter' or 'Job Upgrade'. Of course, you choose 'Change job to Hunter'.

From here you will get a recommendation letter to change to Hunter. Well, it's unique, this NPC will say that the Hunters Guild in Payon is being renovated, so for this temporary activity, they moved to around Prontera Knight Squad.

But don't believe it! The Hunters Guild is at Payon. Maybe when this quest was made, the design of the city of Payon was not yet finished. When it was done, the developer didn't have the chance to change the conversation script from this NPC.

2. Meet and Invite Talk to NPC Sherling

NPC Sherling Ragnarok M Eternal Love

This Sherling NPC is in Payon, if you have visited the city before, then use the Kafra Staff teleport service. If not, then you have to walk. Now the way to get to Payon is pretty easy! Now you can follow the navigation guide on your quest bar.

If I am still confused, I will guide. From the city of Prontera, go to the bottom portal (Prontera South Gate), then walk again to the next bottom portal (where Peco Peco). After that, proceed to the right portal (Poring Island), then continue to the right portal (where Bigfoot and Greatest General) then enter the top (North) portal and you have arrived in Payon city.

3. Complete the Written Test

After you talk to NPC Sherling, he will give you some tests that you have to answer correctly. Here's the answer to the written test quest, change job Hunter in Ragnarok M Eternal Love.
  • Answer the first question - choose X
  • Answer to the second question - choose O
  • Answer the third question - choose X
  • Answer the fourth question - choose O
  • The answer to the fifth question - choose O

Already completed? don't forget to save the position here, location, see the following picture.

Lokasi Kafra Staff di Kota Payon

4. Meet the First Shecil Devine NPC

Lokasi NPC Shecil Devine Pertama Untuk Jadi Hunter di Ragnarok Eternal Love

After completing the written test, to change to Hunter you will be asked to go meet NPC Shecil Devine. This NPC is located in the city of Izlude (near the Master NPC where you teleport to the Byalan / Ghost Ship / Sunken Ship). A few tips, you should use the Kafra Staff teleport service from Payon to Izlude.

5. Complete the Physical Test

Selesaikan Test Fisik, Quest Ubah Job Menjadi Hunter di Ragnarok M Eternal Love

After meeting with NPC Shecil Devine, you will be asked to complete a physical test. Remember! The monsters here are aggressive and pretty sick. Turn off auto attack and drag two to four monsters. There are skeleton pirates, Poison Spores and several other monsters. All monsters are gone? please exit through the portal to the north.

6. Meet the Second NPC Shecil Devine

The first NPC Shecil Devine will ask you to go to Mount Mjolnir to meet the second NPC Shecil Devine. Well, attention! Running manually from Izlude to Mount Mjolnir is quite far! We recommend that you use the Kafra Staff teleport service to the city of Geffen (price of 400 Zeny, for non-premium members), directly to the Mount Mjolnir area (price of 800 Zeny, specifically for premium members).

For the location of Kafra Staff in the City of Izlude, please see the map in the following picture.

Lokasi Kafra Staff di Kota Izlude

Just for information, later around NPC Shecil Devine Secondly, suddenly there will be some Flora, Hornet, Menblatt, and Argiope that are blocking, finish off the monster. Remember! The monster fishing is two to four monsters and doesn't use auto-attack, the monster is aggressive and pretty sick.

7. Return to Meet Sherling's NPC

NPC Sherling Ragnarok M Eternal Love

Well, you were asked to meet the Second NPC Shecil Devine to complete the follow-up physical test. After you have finished talking with this NPC, it turns out you will be asked to return to meet Sherling's NPC in Payon city (whether this is Easter Eggs or crisp jokes or Gravity's script errors). Previously you saved the position in Payon city right? please use the Butterfly Wing.

8. Preparing For a Job Change Quest Hunter Ceremony

Ceremony Jadi Hunter di Ragnarok M Eternal Love

Taraa! Do you remember what place it is? Well, this means you have arrived at the last stage of changing job quests to Hunter. Walk casually to the end of the hall and if you can document this moment, it's pretty good for a souvenir!

Falcon Renting Place in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

Actually, to hire a Falcon there is already special navigation in the quest bar section. But sometimes there are some players who take a lot of quests so the navigation to the Falcon's rent place is invisible. Here's the picture of the location of the NPC to hire a Falcon in Ragnarok M Eternal Love.

Lokasi NPC Penyewa Falcon di Ragnarok M Eternal Love