Dobby's Answers to Rudolph's Red Nosed Quest on a Christmas Fancy Cake

In this December the Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love team held a Christmas Fancy Cake quest that will last for several days. The plot is that the player must complete the quest from the NPC Red Nosed Rudolph then answer questions from NPC Dobby. This question from Dobby was a little confusing because that was the answer to the quest Dobby Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love:

Answers to Dobby's Ragnarok M Eternal Love

Quest Dobby Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

In this NPC quest, Dobby will give some questions that must be answered correctly, complete the following answers to Quest Dobby Ragnarok M Eternal Love:

1. Reindeer

First Dobby will ask questions about Red Nosed Rudolph. The question is what kind of animal is Rudolph? So please choose Reindeer's answer, because Rudolph is a deer animal.

2. Two

Both Dobby will ask what number of horns Rudolph has? Then choose Two, because, at the start of the quest, the image of Rudolph looks only to have two horns.

3. Red

Dobby's third question is still about Red Nosed Rudolph. Dobby will ask: what is the color of Rudolph? Then choose Red's answer, because if you still remember the beginning of starting a quest in Prontera City, Rudolph has the color red.