How to Add Friends in Brawl Stars

Android games are currently in great demand, of course, because every time Android users are increasing, and maybe now people are more like playing on an Android device than on a PC, because maybe they don't need specs that are too high to play games on Android or not like on a PC that requires a specific spec to play the game you want. After mobile legends and PUBG Mobile, one online game that is currently being played is the Brawl Stars game. This game made by supercell is now being played by many Android users.

What is the attraction of this stars brawl game? maybe in terms of graphics, when other game games keep trying to improve their game graphics, brawl stars game come with more relaxed packaging and seem funny from the character and sound they use. In Brawl Stars game we will be able to play online with our friends and with all the players around the world, we will fight in an arena using weapons and skill skills from the characters we use, there are lots of characters from the Brawl Stars game we can use. These character characters will open according to the number of trophies we get. In the Brawl Stars game we can also play with our friends as opponents or friends, with various modes provided, then how do I add our friends in Brawl Stars to be able to play together? let's see below

How to Add Friends in Game Brawl Stars

1. Tap the plus (+) icon on the main page of the Brawl stars

2. Select open friend

3. Tap invite

4. There you can choose to share which friend invite links to social media, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Line and many more

5. For example, send to WhatsApp, then you can choose which contact you want to add friends to in the brawl stars game

6. Ask your friends to click the link
7. Everyone who clicks the friend link will automatically become your friend in the Brawl Stars game

It's easy? so now you can play Brawl Stars online with your friends. So many of my tutorials on How to Add Friends in Game Brawl Stars.