How to Change Game Nickname in Brawl Stars

The current MOBA game might be the type of game that is widely played like mobile legends, the arena of valor and many more. One of the games that the MOBA genre reportedly just launched in Indonesia is the Brawl Stars game. This Brawl Stars game is an online game that can be played online with your friends or can be played randomly with all players in the world. In the brawl stars game we can fight 3v3 you have to fight with your teammates to destroy your opponents and there are several game modes you can choose from. The unique brawl stars game is more unique than other games if in other games you definitely find game developers who keep updating the appearance of the game, but in the Brawl Stars game, the whole thing looks simple, even funny like character characters or the heroine in it.

Cara Mengganti Nickname Game Brawl Stars

When we create a stars brawl game account, you will definitely be invited to create a new name that has not been used by anyone, you know if you can change our nickname even though we have entered the game and it's been a long time. use/play brawl stars. Unfortunately, you are only allowed to change the name of the game brawl stars just once, so make the most of this to change the name of your game. Then how do you do it? let's see below

How to Change Game Nickname Brawl Stars

1. From the main menu tap the Other Options at the top right of the game

2. Tap Change Name

3. Enter your nickname that you just tap Continue

4. Enter your new nickname again, tap Continue

5. Type CONFIRMATION with an OK letter tap

Done, now you can easily change your nickname in Brawl Stars game. So many of my tutorials today are useful, yes, and don't forget to like and share this article to be more useful