How to Complete Evil Ceremony Ragnarok Quest M: Eternal Love

Indeed, if you want to make a certain headgear in the game Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love has become an obligation to complete the NPC quest. One of them is the Evil Ceremony quest. Then what is the Evil Ceremony? How to solve it? Now, you need to complete this quest so you can make a lower headgear called a Spiked Scarf.

Spiked Scarf, What Is It?

Spiked Scarf Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

This Spiked Scarf is one of the equipment in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love that can be used by all jobs and has a position on the lower head. This equipment is often used by players as an alternative to maximize their damage and defense during PvP or WoE. This is because Spiked Scarf has an effect: Vit +2, P. Def +2, 5% increases attacks on Demi-Human monsters, 5% reduces attacks from Demi-Human monsters.

How to complete the Evil Ceremony Quest

Lawan Changed Minorous Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

Previously, please note that the Evil Ceremony quest is only exclusive to job Thief (Assassin / Assassin Cross / Rogue / Stalker). For other jobs, you can buy through the NPC Exchange. Here's the plot and how to take the Evil Ceremony quest at Ragnarok M: Eternal Love:

1. Go to Adventure Hall

Go to Adventure Hall or also known as Adventure HQ. Meet and talk to the NPC according to the job you are playing. This NPC will teleport you to the Evil Ceremony quest location in Morroc Pyramid 2F.

2. Kill 3 Changed Minorous

After being transferred to Pyramid 2F, you will be asked to kill 3 Changed Minorous.

3. Kill Fearfull Osiris

After killing 3 Changed Minorous, next, you will be asked to kill a monster named Fealfull Osiris. Use the Holy element to give extra damage to this monster.

4. Return to Adventure Hall

Have you killed all that was done? then go back to Adventure Hall to report the quest results.

Tips for completing the Evil Ceremony Quest

Completing this quest is quite difficult considering the monsters that are hunted have quite a lot of damage and max HP. Therefore the following tips might be useful:
  1. Fight monsters by the attack -> back / run until the monster is killed.
  2. Use only Cat Mercenary Wasabi! (required).
  3. Don't forget to use a hot/warm dish (required).
  4. Turn off the auto attack feature (optional).
  5. Bring enough White Potion (optional).
  6. Bring Priest / High Priest if there is (optional).

Dead while completing the Evil Ceremony quest?

Do not panic! Return to Adventure Hall and meet the Laiyinasi NPC to move you to the quest location. Conclusion, after completing the requested quest, congratulations! Now you can buy Spiked Scarf Blueprint on NPC Smile Assistance in Payon City.