How to Complete Lulu Quest in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love (ROM) game content does have a very diverse quest. From easy and difficult to RO veterans it is difficult to live it. One of them was a quest given by a cat-shaped NPC, Lulu. This quest is known as the "Lulu Ragnarok Mobile quest". So how do you solve it? Check out the answer in the discussion on the following Ragnarok Mobile quest!

Completing Lulu Quest in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love 

Tamir, Quest Lulu Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

Actually, Lulu quest in Ragnarok M Eternal Love is a small part of the series of quests given by NPC Tamir (fighter NPC). After meeting Tamir in the left map of the city of Prontera, you will be moved to a place called Duke Island.

Here you will meet and talk to the cat NPC too, this time named Cosgrove. After that, you will meet Lulu. At this moment, the Lulu who is annoying gives a question that all must be answered correctly.

Answering Lulu Quest Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

Lulu, Quest Lulu Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

There are three total questions given by Lulu, along with the answer:

1. Milk

Lulu will ask questions about her favorite food, then you must answer the number one choice, Milk. There are many cats who like milk, but those who are asked are food, not drinks!

2. Thief Bug

Next lulu gives questions about the animals she hates the most. Then you have to answer number three, namely Thief Bug.

3. Undercover Cave

The last question from the Lulu Ragnarok Mobile quest is about his favorite place. Please answer choice number one, namely Undercover Cave. The Lulu is unique! Usually, cats are lazy in rooms, this is even in a secret cave!

Advanced Lulu Quest Ragnarok Mobile

Cat Flea pada Quest Lulu Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

After finishing answering all three of Lulu's questions, again you have to answer the question, then choose the answer "Toy". Continuing again you will be asked to kill the Cat Flea, which is actually the Minion version of Steel Chonchon. Although this quest is still not finished here, from here you can follow the quest alone.

Gift of Quest Lulu Ragnarok Mobile

After following this annoying series of Lulu quests, Tamir will finally appear and give a present. The rewards are several base and job EXP, Exclamation Mark (emoticon exclamation mark) and Question Mark (question mark emoticons).