How to Complete Wonderful Surprise Quest in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

Indeed, it has become a characteristic MMORPG game that requires players to complete certain quests. Likewise, the Ragnarok Mobile game Eternal Love which has an NPC quest entitled Wonderful Suprise. So what is Wonderful Surprise? How to solve it? Before you need to know that this quest you must complete in order to make a headgear called Chocolate Donuts.

Chocolate Donuts, what is that?

Chocolate Donuts Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love

Chocolate Donuts is one of the equipment in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love that can be used by all jobs and has a position on the lower head.

This equipment is often used by players as an initial alternative to maximize their damage because it has the effect of Int +1, Str +1, and P. Atk +5.

How to Complete a Wonderful Surprise Quest

Cara Menyelesaikan Quest Wonderful Surprise

Now for those of you who are interested in the lower headgear Chocolate Donuts, you must complete a quest named 'Wonderful Surprise'. Previously, this quest could be taken by Job Priest and Crusader. Here's how and the explanation:

1. Go to Adventure Hall

First, you have to go to Adventure Hall or what is also known as Adventures HQ. This place is the place when you take a change job quest.

2. Talk to Laiyinasi NPC for Job Priest

For those of you who took this quest using Job Priest or Monk, then you must meet and invite the Laiyinasi NPCs who are at Adventure Hall. This NPC has the appearance of a High Priest character.

3. Talk to Laiyinasi NPC for Job Crusader

Now it's different from Priest, for you Crusader users, you must meet and talk to the Toukyou NPC. This NPC has the character of Lord Knight.

4. Finish the quest given

Each job has a different quest. If you take this quest using Crusader, then you have to kill 40 Argiope monsters that are at Mount Mjolnir. Now if you use a Monk or Priest job, then you will be asked to kill 40 Menblatt monsters that are also at Mount Mjolnir.

5. Return to Adventure Hall

Have you completed the quest requested? then go back to Adventure Hall to report the quest results. Conclusion, congratulations! Now you can buy Chocolate Donuts Blueprint on NPC Smile Assistance in Geffen City.