How to Get Free Permanent Skins in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is one of the phenomenal MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games in Indonesia. Because of the popularity, many professional players and good at making channels on YouTube for tutorials on how to use Mobile Legends hero. At first glance, the Mobile Legends game itself has the main battle mode consisting of Ranked, Classic, and Brawl. In this Ranked mode, it allows players to increase the rank or rank of Mobile Legends.

While Classic mode is intended to play with friends without having to fear rankings or ranks down. For the Ranked and Classic modes, the players will form a team of 5 people who will compete with one enemy team consisting of 5 people as well.

The main objective of the fight is to destroy the enemy base until it is destroyed. But to make the enemy base destroyed is not easy because players must control the hero to defeat obstacles, ranging from enemy heroes, minions, to turrets (destroyer towers).

Finally, Brawl mode will be a battle in a narrow area with turrets, minions, and bases that are in a straight line so team battles are faster. In addition, the choice of hero that can be obtained will be randomized by Mobile Legends.

But from the three modes, usually, Mobile Legends players use skins for the hero to be even greater because by using a hero the status will increase. For example skin on hero assassins, fighters, and marksman will provide additional ATK status.

While the skin on the Tank hero will provide additional HP value. As a result of this additional status, many tournaments prohibit players from using skins when the game starts so that the match is balanced.

But in ordinary matches, the use of skin on the hero is allowed by Moonton because indeed the price of the skin is not cheap for players to buy. For that, for you who are curious about how to get a permanent Mobile Legends skin, you can see the tutorial as follows.

Buy Using Diamond

Skin Diamonds
  1. First, you can open the Mobile Legends game on a smartphone
  2. Furthermore, you can choose the Shop menu located on the left side of the main page
  3. On the Shop page, you can choose the Skins menu on the left
  4. Later a skin hero will appear which can be purchased along with the number of diamonds needed
  5. Then, you can choose the desired skin hero and press the buy button
  6. Furthermore, you can immediately press the Use Diamonds button and the Diamond that is owned automatically will decrease

Buy Using a Fragment

Skin Fragment
  1. After opening the Mobile Legends application, you can choose the Shop menu on the main page
  2. Then, you can go directly to the Fragments menu on the left
  3. Later a skin hero will appear which can be purchased along with the number of Fragments needed
  4. Then, you just have to choose the skin hero and according to the number of fragments it has
  5. Next, you only have to press the Buy & Equip button so that the skin is automatically bought
  6. At a glance, there will be two types of skin consisting of Premium Skin and Rare Skin
  7. Later these two types of skin can be purchased with Fragments from each type
  8. Meanwhile, if you do not have a hero from the skin, it is forbidden to buy it with Fragment

Try on Lucky Spin

  1. First, you can access the Mobile Legends game on a smartphone
  2. Next, you can open the Shop menu
  3. On the main page of the Shop, you can choose the Lucky Skin menu
  4. Furthermore, you can suppress its luck to get the permanent skin available

Following the Event

Skin Event

Usually, Mobile Legends itself often holds certain events to spoil its users with one of the prizes being a permanent skin. For this reason, the gadget must always monitor it on the Event menu on the main page.

Those are some easy ways that you can do to get a permanent skin in Mobile Legends. If you do not want to spend money to slaughter Diamonds, then you can try to get a Fragment, play Lucky Spin, and follow the event.