How to Make Colored Names in Brawl Stars

When we create an account in the Stars Brawl game, before you are required to make your nickname, you can make a nickname as you wish as long as it has never been used by someone else. As we know, if the stars brawl is just released. Brawl Stars game is a game that is packed with more simple and funny. You will compete 3v3 online by playing several available modes. The characters in the stars brawl game are packed differently from other MOBA games. The graphics are different from other game games.

When we have created a Brawl Stars game account and already have your account nickname in Stars Brawl game, you still have a chance once to change the nickname/name of your account, and you can also make your nickname colored, so you will not get bored seeing your nickname. There are several colors that you can choose, to make and change the name/nickname of the Brawl Stars game you can see the explanation below

How to Make a Colored Nickname in the Game Brawl Stars

1. Please enter other settings/options at the top right of the game
2. Tap Change Name
3. Enter the code like this <c7> your nickname </ c>, 7 is the color code and below is another color code that you can choose

2 = Red
3 = Green
4 = Blue
5 = Light Blue
6 = Purple
7 = Yellow
8 = Pink
9 = Dark Red

if you want your nickname to be blue, then write the code <c4> Silvia </ c>, for other color nicknames as well.

4. Tap Continue and enter the name again, the one you wrote earlier, Continue
5. Type CONFIRM then tap OK

Finish, so now your stars' brawl nickname is more cool and colorful. So many of my tutorials on How to Make a Colored Nickname in Game Brawl Stars, hopefully, if it's useful and don't forget to like and share this article to be more useful