How To Make A Hunter DPS Stronger With Element Arrow Ragnarok M: Eternal Love

In the Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love game, Job Hunter is in great demand because it has a variety of builds that can be tampered with as desired. One of them is the DPS type. Now one of the tips and tricks to increase this type of damage by using arrow elements. But do you know how to make it? what are the benefits? Let's see the full explanation!

Type of Arrow Element

For an Archer, Hunter or a beginner Sniper who is still confused, there are four types of arrows in this game. The four types of arrows are Fire Arrows that have an element of Fire (Fire), Arrow of Wind which has the element Wind (Wind), Stone Arrow which has an element of Earth (Earth), and Crystal Arrow which has the element Water (Water).

General Information of the Arrow Element

Pilih Material Yang Sesuai Untuk Membuat Element Arrow

To provide spice elements on the arrow, players must visit a special NPC in Payon City. As information, to make the element you must bring mineral items with the element in question. Such as:
  • Great Nature will become a Ground element.
  • Flame Heart will become a Fire element.
  • Rough Wind will be a Wind element.
  • Mystic Frozen will become a Water element.

How to make an Arrow Element

Lokasi NPC Pembuat Element Arrow di Ragnarok M Eternal Love

There are three NPCs that you can meet with different requirements. The following is a list of NPCs that can make you an 'elastic' arrow:

1. Through the Juncos NPC

Meet and talk to Juncos. This NPC is located on the right side of Payon City castle. For more details, please pay attention to the picture above. This NPC only receives arrow manufacturing services in ten mineral stones. So you must bring 10 Flame Hearts to exchange it for 10,000 Fire Arrows. So do other element minerals.

2. Use Ironfeather NPC Services

This NPC is located right next to Juncos. Unlike the case with Juncos, Ironfeather can make you an arrow just by carrying one mineral stone. The stone will later become a thousand arrows. So for those of you who are in crisis ‘economy’ or are saving Zeny, you can tap Arrow on this NPC.

3. Buy at the Item Shop

For those who don't want to bother, it turns out that the Item Shop NPC sells arrow elements too! But unfortunately, only the Fire Arrow was sold by this NPC. The price is 3,000 Zeny for 500 arrows. A few tips, for those of you who want to find arrows with fire elements, you should buy from this NPC, because sometimes the price of a Flame Heart can be quite expensive.

Conclusion, now that's an explanation that can be useful for players who are navigating the world of Rune Midgard's kingdom. Unfortunately for those of you who want to find a location and buy Silver Arrow, until now it cannot be done because it has not been implemented (as of November 2018)