How to Make Practical Slime without Glue

Making slime without glue is actually very easy if you know the technology, the basic ingredients for making slime without glue are easily found around us.

How to make practical slime without glue

First of all, you have to prepare some tools and materials first. The ingredients for how to make slime without glue are easy to find around our residence, and also don't forget to prepare a tool for making slime without this glue. The following are the tools and materials

Materials and tools for making slime without glue

  • Soap 
  • Face mask
  • 150 ml of water
  • A bowl for slime dough containers
  • A stirrer or you can also use chopsticks

How to make a non-glue slime

1. Please enter the face mask into the container or bowl that was prepared beforehand.
2. Then add water to the container to thin the mask, about 50 ml or less.
3. Gently stir the water mixture and face mask until evenly distributed.
4. Put body scrub into a bowl or container to taste.
5. After that, stir again the mixture until it feels thick and chewy.
6. If it still feels thick, you can add a bath scrub to form the desired slime.

Okay so first my article about how to make slime without glue, I hope this article is useful. Don't forget to share this article so that your friends can also make and play slime with you. Thank you for visiting.

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