How to Make Slime with Povinal Glue

How to make slime with Povinal glue is very easy to do at home and can be said to be the same as how to make slime using other ingredients, but in terms of composition or dosage, every slime ingredient you make must adjust the slime dosage so that the slime that is produced later can be more stretchy and chewy.

How to Make Slime with Povinal Glue

How to make slime with Povinal glue, the first thing you do is prepare some slime ingredients and tools that will be needed. For the tool, we only need one large bowl, stirrer or spoon, and don't forget the gloves. After all the tools are ready, the next step that you have to do is provide the ingredients.

In making slime with Povinal glue, you can choose or use additional ingredients that can easily be obtained around your residence. You can also use baking detergent, powder, shampoo, insto (eye drops), GOM, and so on. For each of these additional ingredients will produce slime with different slime textures and colors. For more details, all the mixtures of these ingredients and the resulting slime textures will be discussed one by one in this article.

1. How to Make Slime with Povinal Glue and Shampoo

When compared with making slime with other Povinal glue, how to make this slime is quite complicated because you will need more slime ingredients. However, this method will produce the best quality slime shapes and colors. If you want to have super starchy and clear slime, there's nothing wrong with you trying this one slime recipe.

For the method to make it, the basic ingredients are needed, including only 5 teaspoons of Povinal glue, half sachet shampoo, powder, 1 teaspoon detergent powder and food coloring, for food coloring you can choose according to taste. if all the ingredients and tools have been prepared immediately

Steps for making slime with Povinal glue and shampoo
  1. Put Povinal glue into a container with the shampoo and detergent prepared earlier.
  2. Gently stir the three ingredients while adding food coloring. Stir constantly so the slime starts to appear thickened.
  3. If the slime still feels thick, you can add detergent a little more as a slime activator.
  4. After feeling thick, take the slime mixture and soak it in a container filled with water for about 8 minutes.
  5. When it's done, take the slime mixture and feel the texture. If the slime still feels sticky, please press it - press the slime mixture using your hand, it is more compact
  6. You can also add flour, baby powder or baby oil so that the sticky slime is gone.

With the addition of one of these ingredients, the slime will not feel sticky anymore but remains thick, so that you are ready to play.

2. How to Make Slime with Povinal Glue and Detergent

Detergent material besides being able to make the slime form more elastic can also make the slime taste fragrant. To make slime with Povinal glue and detergent, you need 1 container of detergent (I recommend using liquid Rinso detergent), Povinal glue, and food coloring. If the material is ready we go straight to the next step

Steps for making slime with Povinal glue and detergent
  1. Put Povinal Glue into a container, do not forget to also enter detergent little by little, then stir slowly so evenly.
  2. If you feel the slime has started to thicken, you will add enough food coloring while continuing to stir the slime mixture.
  3. After the slime feels really thick, then you soak the slime mixture into a container filled with water for 4-5 minutes.
  4. The slime is ready and ready to play
  5. For the record, the slime that has been made from this recipe is usually more flexible in shape or texture so it is very favored by children.

3. How to Make Slime with Povinal Glue and Baking Powder

How to make slime using Povinal glue and baking powder. Baking powder in this process is a material that can be used to develop slime dough and can make the slime dough more stretchy. you only need ingredients - 1 bottle of baking powder, 5 bottles of Povinal glue, food coloring (color according to taste) and enough water.

Steps for making slime with Povinal glue and baking powder
  1. Prepare a dry and clean container, then put 5 bottles of Povinal glue and baking powder to taste. Stir slowly until the ingredients are evenly distributed.
  2. Please pour the water little by little while the slime mixture continues to stir. Don't forget to pay attention to the amount of water because the water will affect the texture and thickness of the slime that will be produced later.
  3. To color the slime as desired, you can add food coloring to the mixture while continuing to stir it slowly so that the color is mixed and evenly distributed.
  4. Try checking the thickness of the slime mixture, if it still feels too hard and less strachy, you can add a little more water so the slime isn't too hard.
  5. Store the slime mixture in a container that is covered with plastic so the air cannot enter
  6. The slime dough that is covered in the container is intended to make the fermentation process run smoothly so that the slime can expand properly. This fermentation is attempted to run for 30 to 40 minutes so that the slime can achieve better texture and thickness.

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