How to Master 5 Most Difficult Heroes in Mobile Legends

Each Mobile Legends hero has their own level of difficulty. Some are easy to use up to the hardest hero in the game. Among these heroes, it turns out that someone who has a level of difficulty is not in accordance with the reality. Like the following heroes who have a high level of difficulty graphically, but are easy to play compared to heroes with the same level of difficulty. Who are they? Check out more below.


1. Harith

Despite having a large degree of difficulty, in fact, Harith is not as difficult as imagined. How to play it is actually quite simple. When activating the Force Age, Harith must do Chrono Dash and basic attack continuously.

Not to forget, Synchro Fission must also be used for additional magic damage on the sidelines of Chrono Dash and basic attack. After you are able to spam Chrono Dash and basic attacks, your next task is to train to the position when doing Chrono Dash in the Age Force area to slaughter enemies one by one.

2. Hayabusa

Since not using mana, Hayabusa actually experienced a reduction in the level of difficulty even though the game was not changed at all. All you need to master the Hayabusa is just agility when playing the Quad Shadow and Phantom Shuriken only.

Using the Quad Shadow combination> Phantom Shuriken> Ougi: Shadow Kill, you can kill one hero easily and quickly. After you have been able to launch this combination of skills, you can just solidify the positioning.

3. Karrie

Graphically, Karrie is indeed not easy to use even though it has extraordinarily high damage. Need hand agility, patience, and good reflexes when utilizing the Phantom Step. Karrie itself is not a marksman that is suitable for teamfight at the beginning of the game so it needs to farm at least to have three core items. To be able to master it, you have to work with team mates so you can farm comfortably and quickly. In essence, Karrie is a marksman that is easy to use if you play with your friends.

4. Kimmy

Have two analogs and super high attack speed? Sounds fun, guys! But many say that Kimmy is a very difficult hero to play because directing her basic attack is very difficult. In fact, directing Kimmy's basic attack is quite easy!

When you mistakenly point to the enemy, you can release the right analog used for basic attack and just press it like a normal basic attack. Later, Kimmy will automatically direct shots at existing enemies. After that, you just need to move the right analog better!

5. Jawhead

Hero who can throw anyone near him also has a fairly high level of difficulty. In fact, playing Jawhead is quite easy! You just enter in the middle of teamfight with Ejector> Unstoppable Force> throw enemies> Smart Missile. You can throw enemies at your friends or into enemy flocks for a stun effect. T

fire, remember! Never throw tank heroes that make you trouble like Tigreal, Gatotkaca, or Akai into a team flock because it will worsen your own team. That was the fifth true Hero not as difficult as it was seen. Besides that, of course, you also have to practice often so you are more stable to play your favorite Hero.