How to Permanently Delete Mobile Legend Account

Mobile Legend is a mobile game that is very popular today with a very large number of users. The number is increasing with the emergence of many new accounts. In this era of ease of access to the internet, many mobile games are starting to offer online-based games as their selling power. Not only interesting to play, some games even provide player versus player features (PvP) to add to the challenge.

cara hapus akun mobile legend Feature

The Mobile Legend game is one of them. Bringing the MOBA or Mobile Online Battle Arena theme to the mobile device, Mobile Legend is selling well in the application market. Many people of various ages download this game.

Although it can be installed for free, this Analog MOBA game has in-app purchase or in-app purchases. You must be required to buy a hero if you want to use one of the heroes in it. You can buy it with virtual coins (commonly called Battle Point), but some of them can be purchased with Diamond, which we have to buy first using real money.

Especially if you want to be different, you have to spend quite a lot of rupiah to buy skin or costumes for the hero you are using. Even so, there are still free ones but must collect lots of fragments. Or if you are lucky, you can get it from playing the lottery.

Having lots of things that require a lot of effort to get it, such as skins, heroes, levels, etc., the Mobile Legend game is equipped with a bind account to secure the account. You can bind to Facebook, Google and VK accounts.

Well, the question is how do we delete our Mobile Legend account if it's already linked to these accounts?

Of the many players in the Mobile Legend game, maybe some of them want to create a new account and link it back to their Facebook account. This, of course, must delete the old account, and eliminate the link with the Facebook account.

If you are one of those who wants to reset a Mobile Legend account, you can follow the steps I have tried below.

How to Delete a Mobile Legend Account

Removing a Mobile Legend account, or rather disposing of the account not to be used again, is an easy thing to do. However, there are many steps that you must follow to do this.

Cara Unbind Mobile Legen

The first step you have to do is unbind the Mobile Legend account from the linked account. The methods are as follows:
  1. Open your Mobile Legend game
  2. Select the Photo Profile button that we have in the upper left corner to open the account profile
  3. Select the Account Settings option
  4. Then select the Link Account button, and click the button that includes the word Unbind, for example, Google Play Unbind

The next step, you need to delete the data and cache used by the application, in the following way:
  1. Exit the Mobile Legend application
  2. Open Settings, look for Apps options
  3. Look for the Mobile Legend application, then in this menu, you can choose Clear data and Clear cache.
  4. If the delete data and cache menu have not yet appeared, look for the Storage option, and enter the cabinet.
  5. After deleting data and cache, you must also uninstall the game.

How to Delete Facebook account history that is linked to Mobile Legend

Menghapus Riwayat Akun Mobile Legens di Facebook

If you have successfully deleted the Mobile Legend account, you can also delete the history of the Mobile Legend application from the Facebook account used. This must be done if you want to use the account to link to the new Mobile Legend account.
  1. Open the Facebook application
  2. Scroll right or press the Hamburger icon or the three-ply line icon
  3. Scroll down and look for the Account Settings option
  4. Open and select the Application, then select the Enter menu with Facebook
  5. Choose Mobile Legend: Bang Bang
  6. Scroll down, and press the Delete Application button

Reinstalling Mobile Legend

Congratulations, you have successfully deleted your Mobile Legend account. After a few steps above, you can reinstall the Mobile Legend game. However, it should be noted, when you first log in, you must reject the link to your Google account, or you can use another Google account by managing it through Google Play Games.
  1. Open Google Play Games
  2. Select the account profile icon in the middle of the Google Play Store icon and the three-point menu icon
  3. Click on the email address, select or add an account
  4. Click the three-point icon on the top right, select the settings option, and check to Use this account to sign
  5. Then open the Mobile Legend application