How to Play Ragnarok Eternal Love with 60 FPS

Lately, the Ragnarok Eternal Love community is having a fuss with players who use an illegal cheat tool. As the name suggests, this third program is able to provide users with a variety of practical features that are not available in the Ragnarok Eternal Love game itself.


Practical features such as being able to do quests automatically, using automatic Potion, unlimited zoom out, EXP and Zeny calculators, and especially FPS unlock.

You know FPS, right? FPS stands for frames per second, which means changing images (frames) every second. So, the higher the FPS value, the cleaner the motion will be. Well, the Ragnarok Eternal Love game locks the movement of the image at 30 FPS. With the help of the Cheat Tool, the limit is unlocked up to 60 FPS.

But, there is another way to unlock FPS without using the Cheat Tool. You have to use an Android emulator named Bluestack CN 3. This emulator is almost similar to Bluestack, which distinguishes it is Bluestack CN 3 is able to open 60 FPS all 3D Unity games without having to use additional programs.

How to Install Bluestack CN 3 and Ragnarok Eternal Love

Because Bluestack CN 3 uses Chinese, it will be a little difficult to install on your computer. But take it easy because the author has presented a tutorial on installing Bluestack CN 3 below!

1. Download Bluestack CN 3 on the bluestack.cn main page;
2. After downloading, open and install Bluestack CN 3 by clicking on the blue button;
3. Bluestack CN 3 will download the update and press the blue button again;
4. Download the Ragnarok Eternal Love APK through the official page using your favorite browser. Don't use a browser from within the emulator;
5. To install the game, just drag and drop the Ragnarok Eternal Love APK into the already running Bluestack CN 3 emulator;
6. There will be additional updates when installing Ragnarok Eternal Love, press the blue button to start downloading;
7. After finishing downloading, you can open Ragnarok Eternal Love.

Changing Language in the Ragnarok Eternal Love Game

When you have entered Ragnarok Eternal Love, the language used is Chinese. To change it to English or Indonesian, you just go to Settings in the game, select the third tab, and click the first drop down to set the language.

Cara Bermain Ragnarok Eternal Love 60 FPS, Nggak Perlu Pakai Cheat Tool Kok

After you choose the language, the game will ask for a restart. Language has changed according to your choice when you return to the game.

That's how to make Ragnarok Eternal Love reach 60 FPS without you using illegal programs. Who doesn't want to see the character move smoothly?