How to Swap Skin in Mobile Legends with Friends

Having lots of Mobile Legends skin heroes might be the dream of every gamer. In addition to the hero, you are using it will look cool, skin hero can sometimes make your opponent's guts play cramped first, you know. Unfortunately, how to get a free Mobile Legends skin is easy. The most common way is to buy these skins using Diamonds which are premium currencies in this Moonton game.

Besides buying skins, you can also send skins to your friends on Mobile Legends. But do you know how to send skins on Mobile Legends? If not, here's how you look like a sultan by sharing your skin with a poor friend!

Requirements to send skins on Mobile Legends

To be able to send skins on Mobile Legends, there are several conditions that must be met first. First, make sure your Diamond is fulfilled. Then, you also must have reached level 15. Then, you and your friends must have been friends for at least seven days. Finally, sending or receiving skins on Mobile Legends can only be done 3 times in 24 hours.

How to send Mobile Legends skin

skin Mobile Legends

After all the conditions have been fulfilled, then now you can send skins on Mobile Legends. Here are the steps:
  1. Enter the Shop menu
  2. Select the Present Skin menu
  3. Select the skin you want to give to your friends
  4. Look for the name of the friend you want to give skin
  5. Then click Present
  6. You can also write words as gifts
  7. Finally, select okay
  8. You managed to send a skin to your friend!

Now that was an easy way to share skins on Mobile Legends like a sultan. In addition to getting the free skin from people, Mobile Legends skin can also be obtained in various ways. For example, just like diligently logging in every day, take advantage of lucky spin, exchange with fragments, and open chest.