How to Unlock Fooling Laser Gun in Ragnarok M Eternal Love

In the game Ragnarok M Eternal Love, there is one NPC named Fred who usually sells the toy. Toy sold by Fred can help complete our quests in the game. Like the Fooling Laser Gun that we can use to make small monsters big. Usually, we use this Fooling Laser Gun to complete the quest to kill the starred Goblin in Goblin Forest.

Unlock Fooling Laser Gun di Ragnarok M Eternal Love

But, this Laser Gun Fooling is locked. Now, how do you unlock it? First, you must complete the Minstrel quest at Geffen. You find an NPC named William Hasat Minstrel at Geffen who is standing right next to Fred. After that, what should we do?

Meet Minstrel at Geffen

Bertemu Minstrel di Geffen

Then, you chat with him, and when asked the story, you choose Reyen. When the Minstrel tells us to buy a Disguising Scroll for 2000 Zeny, you can buy it at Fred.

Buy a Disguising Scroll to fulfill the quest to unlock the Laser Gun Fooling

Beli Disguising Scroll untuk memenuhi quest unlock Fooling Laser Gun

So, after chatting, you are told to go to Goblin Forest to defeat 300 Goblin Archers.

Defeat 300 Goblin Archers at Goblin Forest

Mengalahkan 300 Goblin Archer di Goblon Forest

If so, go back to Geffen to chat with Minstrel and still choose Reyen for the story. After following all the Minstrel commands, you can unlock the Laser Gun Fooling.

Fooling Laser Gun di Ragnarok M Eternal Love

Now you can buy it at Fred and use it to complete the quest to defeat the starry Goblin in Goblin Forest. (*)