List of 5 Bugs in Mobile Legends Until February 2019

The name of the game, of course, never gets rid of bugs, including Mobile Legends. There are sometimes Mobile Bug Legends that don't have a big impact, but some can damage the balance of the game. This time, the author will show the five Mobile Legends bugs that were detected until February 2019. What are you curious about? Check out more below.

Buff Atau Bug? Ultimate Bruno Mobile Legends Gak Habis-habis! Mantul Terus Gan!

1. Ultimate Layla Cannot Be Seen

A recent bug was found in Layla's ultimate, the Destruction Rush. Not on damage, bugs that occur on hero marksman basic one is more visual on the enemy screen.

If Layla is far enough and not visible from the reach of the enemy and uses its ultimate, then the laser effect of the Destruction Rush will not be visible and makes the enemy confused to avoid it. It seems simple, but this bug is still annoying, right?

2. Vision Bug Ultimate Pharsa

Not much different from Layla, ultimate Pharsa also has similar bugs. If Pharsa uses ultimate skills and is far enough from the enemy's vision range, the ultimate skill area falls will not be seen at all. Unlike Layla, this bug is really very annoying because the damage and the area is very large. Plus, this skill is fairly slow and very difficult regarding the enemy. Isn't it funny if the easy and avoidable ultimate is constantly being hit?

3. Guinevere with the Golden Staff

Lancelot's newly released sister on this advanced server also experienced a number of bugs that were enough to disrupt the balance of the game. One of them is the Golden Staff bug which makes the cooldown of all Guinevere skills always decrease - even though cooldown reduction should only be obtained on the first skill, not on all skills based on skill descriptions.

By relying on the basic attack after passively working and triggering a passive Golden Staff, all cooldown will be reduced so that it can continue to use skills. Until this article raises, this bug still occurs in advanced servers.

4. Role Buff Guinevere

Rather than a bug, this role buff one is quite strange for Guinevere considering he is a hero fighter and mage, so he should get a role buff between a fighter or a mage. But, all he got was buff assassin! Whether it's because it will be changed or indeed a bug, it is clear that this effect is very distorted.

5. Turret Guinevere Damage

Having made a scene at the beginning of being released on advanced servers, this one bug obviously makes the game very unbalanced. The reason, his two and ultimate skills can produce enormous damage, even with those two skills, the turret in the first tier just breaks! Fortunately, this bug was fixed shortly after the incident. If not, it can mess the game balance