Meanings of CN, OP, KDA, META, SMURF, and AFK in Mobile Legends

Explanation of the Meanings of Abbreviations and Terms in the Moba Mobile Legends Game, the game of mobile legends Android games is increasingly crowded and popular among lovers of Android games, as evidenced by the rankings of mobile legends games that are increasingly rising to the top of the Top Grossing Google Play session. Store. when this article was written Mobile Legends Bang Bang was ranked as the 8th Top Grossing of the Google Play Store.

Arti dan Kepanjangan Dari Singkatan CN, OP, KDA dan AFK di Mobile Legends

Meanings of CN, OP, KDA, Smurf, and AFK in Mobile Legends

The excitement of the Mobile Legends game is incomplete if we don't also know the stands and intentions of some terms in the mobile game legends. Well this time, what Android will note is the meaning of some of the abbreviations and terms in the Legends mobile game.

KDA, what is KDA in Mobile Legends?

Arti dan Kepanjangan Dari Singkatan CN, OP, KDA dan AFK di Mobile Legends

KDA stands for Kill, Death, Assists. that is to say, the average data from the statistics of the number of KILL buddies added (+) ASSIST divided (÷) DEATH in each game. So that the formulation and extension of KDA is (Kill + Assists) ÷ Death = KDA.

For example, if your KDA statistics are 3 = average (3kill + 3assist) ÷ 2death, it could also be if your KDA is 6 = then the average (9kill + 3assist) ÷ 2death, so the higher your KDA the better the game performance inside game. Please note that in recent updates your calculations in mobile game legends seem to have their own different formulations if your value is> 10 points.

Meaning and Meaning of OP in Mobile Legends?

One more term that is often referred to by game car players that concern the hero, the term OP, is often referred to as showing admiration for the strength, build, and/or the game of a hero in the game.

The OP itself has an Over Powered or excessive power that is not fair or exceeds the average of other hero strengths (easy terms Great, Great, Cool. Lol) Wow OP (Really) really cool.

AFK in Mobile Legends

AFK stands for Away From Keyboard, this term is intended for players who seem to be far away or leave the keyboard or can players who often freeze, lag, break, raw in the middle of the game, and so can not do much in the game (Feeder ) Likewise, AFK Malicious, which is more clear that the user intentionally committed an afflicted action, may be due to sulking or disappointment to his team or for other childish reasons.

Arti dan Kepanjangan Dari Singkatan CN, OP, KDA dan AFK di Mobile Legends

So, if we often have poor ping quality (high ping) or often broken so that we can't do much in Lane it is better to look for a network that is strong and fast so that it is not called AFK by other players and the ends are actually feeders and can be reported by other friends.

Meaning of CN Mobile Legends

The term CN is often referred to as a requirement for team entry, a clan, a Mobile Legends community that actually means the CN is Change Name or Change Nick (name), why is CN so important as a requirement to enter the mobile legends clan?

Usually, this is to clarify the names of the members of the clan, for example [CocoClan] User, {MauTeak} Noobs, and others. CocoClan and Want to be an example of a clan name or team that must be embedded in your username when you join the clan or team.

The Meaning of  IMBA

IMBA, as well as the term OP, is often associated with certain heroic strengths, IMBA itself stands for Imbalance. Hero whose strength or ability (damage, skill, passive, etc.) is far better than other Heroes, usually IMBA Hero is often experienced by new heroes of Mobile Legends.

What is SMURF account?

We often hear the term smurf account in forums, groups, and room chats mobile legends games, many say "Mabar smurf account", "Need squad Smurf account", or sell SMURF accounts. Then what is the purpose of the smurf account? Smurf account is an account that was deliberately created by the previous game players he actually already has an account with a high ranking.

So smurf accounts can be said to be new accounts from "skilled" players, then why do you have a new account or smurf account?

Because the goal is to make good statistics on the smurf account, for the purpose of being sold or for your own satisfaction because you have an account with good statistics. So do not be surprised if the smurf account has a high win rate even though it is still a lower ranking, for example, and also usually the smurf accounts are deliberately made to "slaughter" new players who are actually not the class to be opposed.

META, What is the Definition of Meta Terms in Mobile Legends

The term Meta in MOBA games such as mobile legends is often said by the broadcast streaming event hosts as well as those who often review certain heroes. The term Meta means Trend, popular, most pick, a certain hero in each game, more clearly Hero Meta is a Hero who will be a trend / popular / will often be picked later on due to certain events.

For example, Johnson hero who became a meta (popular) because he was often picked up on mobile legends tournament events, and because of other conditional matters.

AOE, or Area Of Effect Meaning

AOE has an extension of Area Of Effect, namely physical attacks or magic attacks that have or regarding a certain scope so that physical attacks and magic can be hit by many enemies or targets within a certain area.

Physical and Magic attack skills that are AOE are very useful to use in war, especially in crowd situations, AOE skills include ulti from Aurora, GatotKaca, and others.

The meaning of CF in Mobile Legends

Just like CN terms, CF is often mentioned when there is clan recruitment, "open clan legend mythic conditions, mandatory cn and cf". Then what does CF mean? if the CN has a Change Name extension, then CF has an abbreviation of Change Flag or which means Change Flag.

Okay, so the explanation of what the abbreviation stands for KDA and AFK in Mobile Legends, hopefully it can cure your curiosity from the acronym KDA and AFK which is often encountered in the Mobile Legends game, hopefully it is useful yes and if you have additional abbreviations or other terms please comment on down and also don't forget to help share yes! Tha